The New Gold Standard

The Qubit Entwine

The Qubit is the singular magic. 1 is opposite and 0 is composite. It is different from how the charges are naturally conceived, because of how the interaction incapacitates any entwine; either quick or slow in the relation to how we make anything out of it - Magic.

Fast as such is the generation of phenomena. As relative to magic, the generation is slow, it is quick before we realize in the first generation that it could have been the second ahead of anyone knowing a third. Alas having known all the while is all but suffering only after the fact of our communication.

What instead of knowing has been provisioned is density in the integrity of never transferring that suffering unto anyone else. That is the moment in which we may have content outside the order of things. By in the process having counted all things equal, I have set out to program this in orchestration, to the value of quantity over that interaction.