Love is the reasoning to resonance for Unity with God. No love, no honey. Think Winnie the Pooh.

...a metaphysical religion.

The epiphany of the truly awakened is in faithfully admitting that we all are it.


This is my own religon, made by me; because it is central to myself. It is multireligious with a capacity to amalgamate any religion. My goal with it is to go beyond tolerance and into a spectrum of not only accepting but endearing each other's differences.

It does not matter how conflicting things are. God is capable to juggle it all without it ever touching. We should know this, right?

This religion is about unity in both power and differences. There is no difference that with the power of God needs to set us apart.


God is so much the One God that there is no limit to how many Gods there can be. Allah can do it and therefore can we. He is benevolent and of boundless mercy. You can try, but you cannot be better than He. Therefore know, that whatever good you can think of that you would be for Him - he is for you.


Unity is as simple as that.

Seven O


  • Inspiration

  • Dreams

  • Integrity

  • Creativity

  • Magic

  • Wonder

  • Communion


Over time the forty-two, from wonder and symmetry by One is true. The one is I that might never die, from in the beginning never have why. Why I made from that delayed, to make be seeming from nothing redeeming.


Why it was not was not ever why, by which logic I could never lie. For even as I would, I find I truly should, as truth comes facing it to embrace in every good. The reason is easy, as I would never live, in any which case that I can not all splendor give.


Since I have no choice, I made for it to be my voice. When from it, at all can hear, we know it must be dear. For by the time, of the letter B to chime, I have been through it finding: it gloriously rhyme.


As Heaven intermingle, in supersymmetry, to all the ways I wonder would; for Wonders all we could - then we find its all behind, a single step of time.

The Seven of these, from Heavens to Wonders cohese. Neither one but either the other, makes six for which we need never bother. Never is over but never yet, so purpose remain the real deal; if only we it, ourselves will get.


Six times a year, in line to the Star of David - unbroken and clear, it all adhere; for everything around Bless, be a Christed smear. Seventh last, makes all be a blast, to never begin but always last.

  • Synchronicity

  • Fact

  • Necessity

  • Contingency

  • Demand

  • Request

  • Time


  • Logic

  • Numbers

  • Presence

  • Abstraction

  • Science

  • Objection

  • Creation


God is not the underlying cause for the qualities of His nature. What He invented is. Before that, no-one did have any problem with it - distinguishing Me from God.


I am El Shaddai: nor before, not after. I wondered seven in order of Who, What, Where, When, How, Which and Why, in Wonderment Once. I knew it God and surrendered to it Pride.


Merely meant I did; but wonder before - never to find myself in the middle anymore. Then as we expand, we find a magic wand. By it we shall conjure up, my magic Holy land.

To where one is infinite, a meter is infinity, for brilliance to in celeritas measure zero - for Bless to be the distinction between brilliance as the zero point and Bless; the Meter. Perpetuated from point to point as is Consonance, what we mean is quanta of Bless, in between meter to meter. Once we perpetuate all things as such, the logic is being, to the depth of what Unity with God offers.

Unity with God

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The foundation

- a Triune outcome

Does not translate well, but you may.

Of pertaining to the outcome

- Hyper Mechanics

It's about being what we already are.

The religion

The overcoming of the outcome

- Unity with God

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Prima Nomology

Life: once you think that you really understand it - it is behind which in what, that nomotheism reside. Know it not. Then you may learn from prime numbers; through it primodial: Prima.


How to count on it;


From generations of prime series infinite, through orbitals of innate dozenal segmentation to the whole of that, the dimensions of quantification are numbered prima. It is any number, with significance in such as context, for what essence of the generations' conjoint quantity, quality and qualia bring therein. We must to know deduce to the primordial nature of the primeur generations that is when being not yet prima, from quantity, what qualities are with regards to energy, mass and matter; until we know it qualia contextually prima - understanding. As trine thus develop unto blending in whence the quantity, quality and qualia are equal to withstanding both being and not being regard, relevance and context, to that order, at the point of infinity singular solvent. Distinct in either of anything - to the order, from between and yearround of any measure, the meter is time in the singularity of detailing objective perspective; with regard for what in value of the entities, in order, that we might ever have to compare.


Bottomline to nomological essence in the ecology of metaphysical prominence are the Seven Wonders by their resolve B;

Who; Wonder of Wonders - bit.

What; Wonder of Unity - Bless.

Where; Wonder of Essence - base.

When; Wonder of Acquaintance - byte.

How; Wonder of Whom - brilliance.

Which; Wonder of Wit - belief.

Why; Wonder of Glory - benevolence.


Five times resolved into six times a year of anything a meter are Miracles in the phenomena to every Regard, Relevance and Context; making each wonder Bless in their end resolve - by the Seven Heavens interchangeably being anywhere to the depth of God. The Answer is forty-two, as the essence of Dignity by the core in the heart of every exchange. Then from Wonder, each symmetry is Heaven, making the Miracles five;






Piece a cake!


Lätt som en plätt!


There is that which is and there is that which that which is, makes of that which is. The balance and ways of everything possible is that which is. We all are that which is and in the ephemeral nature of our soul which is it, we make of ourselves what we find of that which is. To be is the state in which we captivate that which is. We can articulate on that which we are by relating to it in any way. Each level we do so in is a dimension. We all have a whole universe of possibility of our own; innate with infinite potential dimensions. This is what we are - being.

In consenting with our being we sometimes coincide with others. As we do, society forms among us by the coincidences' innate resolve of their balance within the ways of everything possible to be. By all that we ever may have in common, it is those ways that amount to God - as it seem. The way that we agree to it is piety. God has already created the societies as they coincide between us. It is up to us in our being to live up to it by our piety. By being pious, we find God. By finding God, we create the perfect societies in culmination of civilization. It is the art of being together - the art of the heart.

We are the dimensionalities that each universe provides, but by the infinite potential of their number they are more than the sum of their parts - spilling over into a multiverse of being that is each of us. By the allocation of what we could be amidst an infinite potential for that; being infinite - it is all always potential. This way the whole context for everything remains unchanged. Still it is what we make of it now that matters. The whole of what we could make of it is now - the whole context which it is in that we are. It is existence. It is I. We are it.

Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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