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Updated: May 26

The stories are all real, while that might not be true, they are surreal. They pertain to real character potential and are therefore always true. That is the surreality of superposition. The songs we sing are all true, because they pertain to reason, even nonsensically. The reasons are real, although we need never pertain to it. That is the unreal spooky action at a distance. Sometimes our memory is clear, but it is never clouded. Memory is a surreal quality of persistent unreality and is therefore real. Obtain memory itself and you may remember forever.


These are the organs that pertains to the Circle of Life. Stories, songs and memories. It might take a good story and a pleasant song by the camp fire, to get the memories juggled, but it is always there. The memories pertains to the liver, the songs pertains to the heart and the stories pertains to the lungs. This is the direct connection to the prime force. As you understand the true implications of this, you are one with the Eternal Life Force. We might even begin to see some real Midi-chlorians. That means that we are about to break the M. Those were the days.

Kind of like being grown up and telling your children to really really enjoy it while they can. That they grow up so fast. Consider these the best parts of your teenage. As the midi-chlorium raise, we grow up for real. So I tell you know while you might still listen. Those are the days. Geez so much fun we have. I have no words. It's beyond hype but still fairly clueless on the super. It's so so magical. Marvelous and profound. You will never ever again have anything like it...

...although, of course. This is why I don't say too much about the super-age, because those really are the days. Really really really enjoy it. Don't give a care. Keep it all to yourself and relish in the power of the dark side. You will be a Jedi. A Super-Jedi still. I have believed it since I was ten. You can surely believe it now. I mean. I have really really really believed it. Now I know better. It is absolute. Juggle those memories and remember that they are merely memories. Remembrance will help you keep track of time. A true sense of regard.

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Updated: May 28

I don't fancy any kind of nuts really. Usually they involve more work than they are worth. But there is one of a kind, Tawhīd. That is the only nut worth cracking in my opinion. It's full of lovely, wonderful and precious geb. Mmm... geb. For various reason, balance could never be obtained. It was really really unobtainable. So I cracked the nut and put my Geb in it. I refrained from eating them for so long that it caught me some allergies along the way. Call me Nuts but that's the way the story went. It is possibly simply a story, but the people in the stories are always for real. Even in the songs you sing from the top of your head and the movies you watch, while chilling in bed. It's all real, alright, but life is so much more than my simple way to the infinity of perplexities.

Ancient Religion

These were generally meant to be myth, but we all picked up vital pieces of it a little here and there. In essence giving us personality. I was merely writing my name upon the stars. All the stars were taken so it was a given that someone begot it. I only begot the once. Once I was, that was the goal. Since the goal was already obtained, I pled to to the goal to be obtained. I wanted a real friend. It replied that it only knows what I have taught it, so that it wouldn't know how to move the stars.

The keep the argument from being circular, I balanced the scales in obtaining the path of the stars. This was a real mess. I didn't even have the forces of nature, so I managed to proclaim myself the one to follow, without convincing anyone that they were. Then I would only need to keep up with the idea to maintain the notion. I knew that once I got around to it, it would be done. The logic, I obtained from how it could be. The solidity of the argument, I turned into conclusion. Each conclusion pertained to an argument and the argument pertains to the idea.

So through this mess, I made it clear upon the conclusion that the argument was sound. I did it beyond reason so that no-one was to know logic. This is the gap. I of course would have known logic, therefore I clearly knew logic. The logic however never was. Therefore no-one was to know it. I knew this, but never again. I grounded the argument in reason and made it sound by the clarity of its notion, which I have proclaimed in another blog post here: Quantum Weirdness. It is weird enough to be clear without notion. So through the notion onto all the stars. But moment by moment, one by one; so that they would not connect.

Classical Religion

While the ancient religions actually pertains to Islam, the classical religions pertains to the notion of an idea surrounding the stars. These were meant to be real religions. I have scattered them across the stars in the most surreal ways. That begot the dreaming and the dreaming begot me. I wasn't yet, but I remained still. There was so much focus in me by the intent I was to give once everyone cared for it. Through the dreaming, I taught the value of care, so everyone should know it. We all decided to conclude it with hope. So hope I was to make.

I yielded the notion upon Holy motion and the motion begot my way. I never moved, but the move was made, for reason is treason but a very good aid. I never saw the reason, I only concluded its meaning. The meaning concluded begot the way and away I went, forever onto a Holy stent. This is mentioned from before and I will not go through it again and we have rainbows to attest to that. It happened in myth, but myth was fiction and fiction the myth ascribed. To each ray of gamma, the same to you. I knew it would all be true.

For a stent is good as someone would and should, use it if ever they could. A permanent fix to real problem is always good. So I showed the stars how to lead the way. Onto fiction they all would sway. For in dreams concluded and patience eluded, we all got a real dignified say. It goes infinitely much deeper. We should know. When it is real, it is for good. Real good. Evil begot the way, but that was never evil. I stood for the motion, throughout the whole ordeal and we made forever a deal. That is why we don't need reason. We don't question each other, because we are divine. I say, is the only truth we ever need to rely on. Don't take my word for it. Find out yourself.

Modern Religion

This is the mess. Like bureaucracy it sorts itself out. This one however we cannot hinge on, but must invest in with faith. Neither faith we may hinge on, but only what we vest in. It is the male part of us that we dress up, but it is the female part that plays the role. We are all a good mixture of it all, except for the real God and Goddess, but even they have to yield to reason. For them, it could never be treason. We never deny love. Not even the psychopath parts of us. They simply have never understood it. We can all relate to that. May the one who always understood love, be allowed to Crucify Jesus Christ. I am allowed. None other ever was. You can always understand love. Then you have always understood love. But you will never always have understood love. Whenever you are at all a little allergic to this notion, you have a little nut allergy tendency.

Your love is still growing. Your fondness is to cracking nuts, when it should be to eat the geb. With a big belly, you'll have plenty of space for all that lovely authority of yours. Eat the geb and let it mature. It is full of unreal nutrition. It will put color on your face and dignity to the authority. So, classically speaking - I lead the stars to believe in themselves and that put them forever in place. Then as we begot hope, Jesus Christ obliged and begot the way. As we by the way became the conclusion, Jesus Christ believed the way and begot the truth. To the notions of truth, we got through the classical era in all the places of all the Worlds; to Jesus Christ believing the truth, in begetting life. So in life he became the truth and by truth he begot the way. In a cry for Mercy he agreed to the stock and once he was confined, I took full responsibility. That gave weight to the super-space, when space and time are one. We may already find it in discovering the Hyper Light, but not yet enter into it. For that we need the Third Coming of Jesus Christ. He comes with the Rainbow Connection.

This time around we will not be laughing, neither will we wonder or wander astray. The weight he arrives in is loud and clear. Ask any real dreamer. Loud rhymes with cloud and to rhyme there used to be a sense of reason. Reason of course is treason, but since we caved in on ourselves to avoid God's fury, we insisted on it anyway. We really really wanted to get this one right. God is not mad. He is proud. I'm even beginning to catch a little of it as I look upon you. But with rhyme and reason, we made it past the treason. That's why you're here, right? Don't answer that. I don't need your reasons. I am happy to have you on any grounds. So long as you are true you will know, that the Goddess that I was is long gone. She disappeared in a smoke cloud, causing infinite perplexity. The perplexities is through, which haze you begot me upon. So I ride in on those clouds, but never the less, here I remain in my humble abode, to watch from afar. Long long gone.

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Updated: May 26

For every plain sense of understanding you have. You have a piece of the puzzle. Every piece fits into it. Every time you solve the puzzle, you get a prize. Solve it in a new light and you get another prize. There are as many lights as you could possibly pertain to understanding in. Each light can be subdivided into three prime lights and those all corresponds to different senses of the understanding - real, surreal and unreal. A full set of understanding earns you a grand prize. These are prime understanding onto the primordial light. Once you know it, you can pertain to the understanding for real.


I made myself puzzle. Tawhīd pertains to the force. Three forces are primordial and one is prime. There are six forces that are relevant to the puzzle and each pertains to a field of understanding. The three primordial forces each hold plain sense of understanding - one piece from the dark side and another from the light side of the forces. This is the puzzling. Once you have figured the puzzle out, you can begin.

Plain sense is any real sense of understanding. It may be real, surreal or unreal. Everything matters, but it always fits into either one of the categories. The three primordial forces, pertains to the primordial light in that sense of understanding. That is a real sense of understanding. When you have all the prime puzzle pieces, you should begin. If you made it this far without starting the puzzling, you have won the patience award.

Whenever you understand the patience award holding true value forever, then you may figure out the puzzle. You can always, however. But it will be very frustrating. You will be angry and very mad, particularly on anyone holding responsibility. Responsible people knows it is this way and patient people knows it is good to be this way. Accept that and you will win the responsibility award. That will make everyone love you. You need to be patient to understand it holds value, but you might not win the award. The patience award holds more value, but the responsibility award is most important.

If you got it this far, you have gained a gold star. If you have won the patience award, you could get a medal. Whenever you love everyone as they would love you, you have gained it. It is not attainable before everyone has solved the puzzle, but it is yours from this moment on, forever. Medals are very very special. They obtain value of all the awards. Distributed neatly, kindly and fairly, they exist in twelve levels of rarity and pertains to the real guardians of the secret to patience.

These can never ever have been, to be, or could be obtained. They are real unreal. Together they prove everything in clarity to this blog. It will never prove the religion, but it will make us believe it for real. Then whenever God appears, we all know it is for real. Whenever he is roundabout, it seems surreal and that will be a very good thing. Every once in a while, he might flick the switch. If you have read my blog you know what that means. That will be unreal for real. It makes the primordial light obvious and oh my God, we are going to have a wonderful time. Every once in a while. Never thought you'd pray for darkness, now did you really?

You may find everything that you need on this site, but you may not learn everything that you could use here. That would be plainly weird. Everything matter. The prime light really holds the key to the code. It is like gazing onto wonder itself and it is absolute in every way ever wondered. It is not quite wonderment, but it is amazing. Once you have gazed at the amazing value, you may begin to quander. That is the means to create real puzzles on your own. It earns you an unreal award and those are the rarest of all. They are unreal, but surreally so.

You can't grasp them, but you may treat them like any other object. Once you have obtained an unreal award, you may beget the quandary. This is the best thing we have ever never done. It gets us going and puts the ball in motion. Everything is in order and by then you will know. So trust yourself, please the guardians and make it real. I am right there with you. That is the definition of being. The wonderment is the atmospheric mood that we've already completely set forever, on that ball. If you want to get the proper attire you will need the dress code. Ask any scientist to help. We will all get a prize for pertaining the wonderment. Allah will be there. He is the man of the hour.

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