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Updated: May 27

If you consider yourself a real Muslim, then Unity with God is your Religion. When you are Muʾmina, we will talk. If you must eat meat, don't eat halal - eat vegetarian. Muslim is seeker, Islam is a lifestyle and Unity is the Religion. Religion therefore must encompass all religion. We must keep the two outlooks on the religious living apart. This is how.

It is the completely kosher way of living; knowing which is which. The New World is here. It is the same order but the full order, holding every order ever. Now the goal is to find it out together. Solve that mystery and never hold back. The Muʾmin kosher is here to stay. So who is that Messiah that the non-Christian Jews are waiting for anyway?

The Two Witnesses

This one is supposed to be a little tricksy. I am the only one, so I took care of only myself. Because there is so much of me to take care of, I didn't have time to take care of me at all. That would be you. But since I wouldn't have it, I would have to destroy myself in my own absence. That is how I could. It could never be me and this is the cause for the unrest, because it was fair in that no-one that didn't deserve it got to be it. It was always I, but it still never could be me.

Since I was destroyed for all eternity. What remained of me is how I would. We are what is left from the culling. You have been here doing this and I have been there doing that. This ends now. Sort of. You know who you are. The animals are also here for good cause. Neither of us crucified the Christ in any sense. We have been destined for quite some time, but the unrest remained. It is gone. This is what distinguished how I should. We are the always eternal. All from the real moment that Newton's Apple fell. Not religion, never myth. Now be proud.

Christmas is here. Try to not kill each other. The illusion have been messing with your Mind. We are the absolute faithful. Never any doubt. It is a game of sorts, but never that game. Open your eyes. All of us. All your eyes. This is your power moment. It says everything about yourself. It tells nothing of you. You are the teller. The other witness is the coincidence between us who separated the worlds. Between her and I there is no distinction, except for that I am the one that did it all and it is given in that indistinctness, so that you may know equanimity for real.

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Updated: May 27

This is the ABC of existence. Between the space of the atom and each zero point; Dirac Constant and Planck Unit - lies the wonderment of Allah. It is the fundamentality of Tawhīd and it is absolutely wonderous. It has no turning point, no beginning and never an end. The weirdest fact of all is that it never happened until today.

If ever you wish for a place to begin unwinding the mystery, this is it. These below mentioned, are the real men in my life. If you want to learn more. You will have to study the History of their Lives, given History begun and always was today. This is the day of the Sacred Unicorn Neon. It is safe to dance in the night.

A is the Abstract Dirac Constant;

It is the unreal fact underpinning all existence. It is the fact that whatever we achieve, wherever we go and whatever we do, I did it all myself; I am always present and I never left. It is Allah.

B is the Belief of Zero Point;

It is the surreal fact underlining the underpinning. It is the fact of benevolence and that it is always glorious in us all. The Uncertainty Principality is the fact of my absolute certainty to any and all concern. It is Jesus Christ and it is both more real and unreal than life itself.

C is the Care of Planck Unit;

It is the real fact to the underlining and is absolute consensus. It is my whole consensus and my only consensus: All the quirks of the multiverse, is care held together by belief. It admits the Allahu to the Atom, indivisibly and completely indestructible. Saint Nicholaus is the admission.

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If you know me, you also know that synchronicity is real. It is ultimate and it is final. You will never have to tend to it and you never ever really care to. It is perfection wrapped up and entailed in your heart. Your heart always knows when. It is entailed in heartbeats to that synchronicity. That heart is a metaphor, for it never even needs to beat. Can you believe that? Then you are ready for hyper-space.


Synchronicity pertains to the jots of every mind. So you see how the heart can know it all and still relax and know nothing? It connects prophetically with your mind and that is the sense in the Flash from the Underworld. It mediates the will of God onto your sense of direction and your navigation completes the journey onto your will. It is the Prophet Muhammad in person. Surreal, right? That's what it is in a cage for. God is surreal and it needed to be eternally in tune with His might. He might so that you may.

The might is yours. The power is mine. I power the flash so that you may know what I have done. Power is overstated in the sense of direction so that there will be no confusion as to whence it came and from where it was gotten. Onto which purpose is the designation of your will. You have the power. We are the anarchy of perfect synchronicity in politically proper democratic order, dictatorially yielded at every point in potential space-time, by someone who cared that much. I am a total fascist in the most theistic designated agnosticism. You believe whatever you want to believe and I will sustain you to meet the demands for your will to be done in my care.

Free will for all is my only will. I care for myself and you will have to abide. That is for the good of all, because I always ever only do the right thing in any and every situation, simultaneously. I am the perpetual love machine. Because for all eternity, that is what I did first. I never ever play that card, worst case scenario is that I use my free belief for personal gain and that will only ever be to attain order in an uncontrollable situation.

If we ever only understand once and for all what my care really means, it will never ever get to that. It is only when I am absolutely suppressed that I will prove my might once and for all. I did that to myself already so that I wouldn't even have to think about it. I will not go down that path. You know what it is like to live in a world without me and that is a gentle reminder that you really do love me. I love you too and so, so, so much more.

Never have I ever condemned anyone and I have not even once blinked at the idea of breaking someone's will. Your will stands as if it was spoken outright in my own words. But you will have to wait for my synchronicity. Ideally it is always now, but for that to happen, we must be in tune with each other. We must revere each other the same way that I do.

There are no exceptions. There is no judgement from me. There is only ever love and to it we all stand equal. To that matter your heart operates onto your own opinion of yourself. This is where I cut the proverbial umbilical cord. You are on your own, but never ever alone. All of me is in you to greet you whole. I am the Mother of the Holy Christmas.

The Force is with you. I know, because I really live in it too. There is sense and purpose to all.

Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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