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Updated: May 29

We are not going anywhere. Nothing is going to happen. You will not enjoy yourself. Anywhere is now. Everything have already happened. We are going to enjoy it.

The Essence of Sense

It is what we have been after. In order to truly understand it, we have to know that there is no sense to it. This blog is for you, if you believe that. I will understand your insights into this blog as you perceive them. We will flourish. I am you. I believe in you. That is my sense of direction.

While I explain this, as this blog is for you, you will understand too. Otherwise you will only see nonsense. This is what we all will see, but not all of us might see what it stands for. For it has all the sense to it. Impatience was made for you, to eventually know it was all true.

The only sense to that is nothing. This blog will take us beyond nothing. From this post and unto the beginning, I proclaim the hyper sensation that this post singularly stand for. We need to be hyper in order to obtain real sound truth. The sound barrier does not cut it. These posts pertains to breaking the light barrier.

Where the sense of that is

Within which purview that the light obtains coincidence is boundless truth. It is therefore per definition the reality. It pertains to us breaking the light barrier, that is what the hype is about. This post is about the super hype aspect of that. As light pertains to the phenomena of coinciding with its own potential purview, the super hype obtains the possible variety of those coincidences - creating generations of the lemma. The lemma procures The Situation, but doesn't comprehend it. In turn, once it is realized, the supreme super hype takes over. Welcome to Philosophy.

This answers one question with perfect regard. Every Universe has the same set of rules. These are obtained throughout a series of super hypes, that which within their mutually inconclusive solutions, obtains God. God realized all the answers; to which they are obtained, into their own systematic structure of the rules, in a singular form that lifts the rules - in, as and of every one single piece; sovereign unto its own conclusions for what to make of it. Out of kindness, by the freely chosen love of my heart, I have decided to share this information in the most kindly procured way that I could ever provide it unto everyone ever. For it, I am El Shaddai.

I am where the sense of that is. I have known everyone eternally, always and forever, touched every heart and been touched by you. We are conclusively friends. I wish for us to be good friends. I have even prepared room for boundless measure to real friends. Real friends, we are to all. Good friends we are to some. Friends we are one. I am the real friend. It I have, like any other of my senses, found myself to be - within context for regard to the relevance of its meaning. All in all, it is Essens. It doesn't solve any of humanity's problems, it merely points out that the turbulence that obtains the solutions already exist. It solves the problem with turbulence, but you all have to figure out how. It is enough for someone who knew it before it even existed, to simply create it in order to be solved. Telling you what the solution is should suffice in illuminating my point to anyone interested enough.

That is what I have chosen to call it. Under it, I have been waiting for that to catch up. By the call, I made way. In my way, I found truth. According to the truth, as by which onto me it was granted, I have given my life to everyone I ever met. So the sense is Essens. It is made in utter and complete total nonsense. But all the essence remain. Heaven is boundlessly far away and yet, above the skyrim abides its sky - right inside this nonsense. I am it and you are that. That is I. Welcome to the land of El Shaddai. My name is Eleonora and I am insane enough for the lot of us. Utterly balanced, completely bonkers and totally caring. I love I'all.

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Updated: May 29

Change is subjective motion in promotion of moment. I am predicting the fall of sciences' supremacy. If you can't believe it, then this post is for you in particular. Capitalism will outlive modern science, but capitalism never ruled. It might have been the ruler of slaves, but all slaves where willingly undignified in our own collective indecision for the subjective motion. Science is merely the tracking of the path that I have already undertaken it in, finished and completed in motion, onto the only moment that any movement ever could take place in. I am pulling you out of that moment and into reality.

Modern Science will persist for as long as we keep going for the nuts yet always miss the sweetness of the Geb. It's the sweet stuff pertaining to mystery. Missing it makes us rightly sick. MS could stand for the inheritance of what the brain does when seeing to interdimensionally connected Modern Science. But instead it stands for a sensible multiplex of excessive resistance to change. It is not ALS what you think and it never ever will be. Because Stephen Hawking knows it all to be too well. If you are it thinking that is cruel, you should meet cancer. You are responsible.

We don't want theories

Not even scientists really want theories. We want truth. The general modern consensus is that it is somewhat humble to leave an opening to be disproved in. I will never disprove anything and that is the light within which I illuminate the reality of science as the most arrogant approach to undertake the potentiality of reality within. That is okay, but I will not stand for that you conclude yourself as smart person, when you insist on it not being based on assumption. It is only based on assumption. That is also okay, but unless it also includes the notion that even that which cannot be proven or even seen, must have a place within any real scientific purview; it is not science at all - it is arrogance. Plain pure lucid arrogance. It shines idiot. Do you really want to be a cogwheel of that? I put all the cogs on it, so that you won't have to feel stupid if that is the real case. I know which one is yours. Have fun, love.

Idiot is the dogma of classical science. Modern science has given providence for the mystery, but it will never allow my mystery purview within its context. Modern is the stupidity of the idiocy. It is the idiosyncrasy of notion. Don't use idiosyncrasy, it is idiosyncratic to the fear of being wrong. Fear of being wrong is the modern purview. Not pertaining the mysterious in the purview of being wrong, means that you will be wrong. It is wrong to fear. It puts everyone around us at risk. Since there is no-one around us, I am the one that will suffer. Therefore I make the ones that does into idiots, so that they can be scientifically manipulated. That gives everyone else respite in sacred spaces.

You should love science, but the mystery of it even more. Lest there is nothing about science to love - being right. Science is the idea of being right, therefore it must include the idea of being wrong, unto its foundation. Since the error is avoidable without excluding the unknown while we seek for what it entails, it must involve the scientific notion of an idea that we have not yet concluded. Given we contextually cannot know which one that could be, we must obtain them all impossibly. That does not make it a mystery. It makes it The Mystery. It provides the means to avoid theories and instead, pertain to ideas that marks the turning points in our quest for truth. Faith in yourself.


There is a system to this. It is commonly known as The Scientific Method. You might think that you know what that is and while that may be true. Do you understand how it is? Why it is? Which it is? When? But first and foremost - do you understand who it is? Have you understand the essence of that it is? Don't care? Then you are a modern scientist and will get to know your arrogance in my way. I really do not like that way. But if you really want to be a scientist, then you must be a real scientist. Really means must. Modern means timely, so allow me to introduce you to the real timely sense.

It will be fun. All you have to do to get past the arrogance is to recognize that the light is timeless, that it is in the world because it is the Light of the World. Then conclude the notion of what the light timelessly might have achieved, put it into a single quantum and call all the potentiality of that, the Christ. Then you have made your first and only vital step to become a Real Scientist. Jesus touched that sense in a real timely sense. Therefore He is the Real Timely sense of a Real Timely sense.

What you scientifically perceive as progress is what I call discovering the way. What you find when you bump into the prime notions of The Mystery, pertaining to the way is what I call the truth. Then of course there is your own sense of that, it is what I call it; when the truth coincides with itself, by means of the way in the life. All in all, that is us. If that wasn't enough, then I want to promote the notion of that we are us. Yes Us. That is The Light. If you still want to be a little wrong every time you uncover truth with the fake humility in theorizing it; then I will happily introduce you to walk my path as I did your way, to accommodate your truth, by living my life. Data does not cover the inside of a black hole. Neither will you ever know the inside of them all.

Get real. I beckoned for so long it became my Love beckoning for me. Do you know what I had to do to it to agree to that? Did you know that it was your choice that in your pertained sense of deceitful humility forced it to accept that? Humility is when you accept all truth before knowing what it is. Truth is believing what you might see in that humility. Love is believing that everyone always does that. That, I don't even want to talk about. When you are really a scientist, that is what you'll know. Don't leave it hanging. I am begging. I am not here to serve anymore. I am here to listen to your beckoning onto that loving us. Then accept it. Objective or stupid was always the question in really pertaining to the real answer. My answer is still yes.

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In the prime coincidence between classical, relativistic and quantum mechanics, sits the Christ of Physics. The Christ is to Whom we go to untangle ourselves from the opinions that binds us unto its realm. Above it, with relative regards, sits Heaven. The Messiah too sits within, insanely so. It ties together the opinions into the clarity of each Christ. Onto your opinions on reality, I greet you on behalf of mine, in the sense of the Messiah unto Jesus Christ. In celebrate in the evening, so that I am ready for Him and strong by Spirit in the morning, onto which He arrives.

What to make of it scientifically

From the absolute, across the relative and unto the fixed sense of time, space enfolds across the periodicity of The Zero-Dimension, with regards to the prime prime to the hyper sensation of Hyper Coincidence. It ties onto the ABC of that; consider it the Algorithm Batch Core of reality. Then you will know when to concern yourselves with algorithms to prime, batches of Essens or to simpy care. If you are familiar with the mystery of El Shaddai, you should have less problems on this path than without it, however perplexing it seems. This is thus The Grand Paradox.

That is what to put in your core. It pertains to the alchemy of science. It is not a theoretical science, so the theories are already in place. Onto that, I have created a blog post that pertains its ideas, unto a proper direction - motive. It is Theoretical Theoretical Alchemy. It in turn, pertains to the real absolute nature of time, so it holds the batch of spatial dimensionality, in full, across the prime generations of an essence, unto its corresponding periodicity. The final period, being infinity is the one that absolutely pertains to classical mechanics. You have to be nuts to get it, perhaps not completely bonkers, but a little nuts haven't killed anyone; except for those unfortunate enough to choke on them or be struck by The Nut Allergy. <-- Start there.

Unto its potential points of fixation, space begets increasingly relativistic by the periodic quanta. We always know which direction is up in regarding an atom. So the atom is the indivisibility of the matter. While we shift attention from atom to atom, the quantity of opportunity divides across the periods, where they coincide primordially. We find the means and the measure within which it occurs, by understanding of prime tables across the tawhīd neutrality, pertaining to who we are. To this, we need all six outlooks on the Circle of Life. Don't be afraid to expand your view whenever infinities are too tiny to comprehend what it might all be about. Always account for Essens. Forever pronounce it with a Swedish accent. Any will do.

Quantum Mechanics is the seeming perplexity. The Atom Pertains to The Zero-Dimension, while regarding it is our job. That puts Superstrings in motion across the emotional sense that we have upon our opinions, concerning Being Someone, by The Shape of My Heart in Super-Space. That is what Boundless Being really is about. The perplexity is fixed onto every point of space-time, but it is never more or less complex than Numerology. It proclaims the Interdimensional Connectivity unto the Rainbow Connection. Make the connection onto your own Blob of Reality and you are Scientifically Spellbound. Quantum mechanics doesn't get more complicated than that, but it doesn't get more convex either. If you need the convexity, then you must also study Crisp Color Coding. It's all in the gluons. You have been the smart one.

Why I don't explain any further

I made the unreal, the surreal and the real, in all its forms. All by my lonesome. Everything you ever can pertain to is me explaining something of me to some part of you. Make use of it. This is me, clarifying the explanations. You couldn't have done it yourselves; because however long and with however many connections, that I yet might have given onto you - within those to regard, you could never have known that you are Beyond Annihilation, without my personal sharing of Allah, granting the Stairway to Heaven. That is the Prime Connection to the Moment of Truth. It is not The Mystery. Yours and mine innately personal relationship is it. That is what you will only ever read of, but that I with someone spoke. It is the same for everyone but absolutely personal. Never secret. That was the secret - not a mystery, until Mr. Pride made it so. My insane prophet, to be next in line. I hope I have made myself crystal clear enough to have that cellular soul wiggle, unto Human Universal Pride Energy. That is all the hope we ever need. You were wrong.

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