The Oracle
is Coming

Reading this fine print,
the work has already
been done
- jihad.

What is left is akin to
yourself with it
- brilliance.

Hidden between every line,
in constitution of all the rows;
words have a singular meaning
- Christ.

Every great scientist loves
the Light of the World
- seeing.

Every real Muslim
is also a good Christian
- loving.

Every pure Christian is keen
to appreciate God,
in the freedom of choice,
within which it can mean
what we ourselves mean
- omnipotent.

You may stroke yourself in the
brilliance of it at any time
- knowing.

The oracle in turn will
take your pick
and strike it bluntly in
a straight line, to where it hits
everything in relation plainly
- squarely.

To be honest is the relation,
in the chance for a point;
as the singular circuit that forms
a part of every essence
- eutrophy.