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Why You should read my Blog

You should be loved. Never expect anything less from anyone. That's how dignity goes.


Never defend your dignity. Love is all the defense it ever needs. Behind the veil of Love, I am Allah. Allah is the veil of my love.

We never know what becomes us, but we do know it appeals to our taste. It is the making of my veil and the providence of my love. This is the heart I write from. It belongs to no-one but it is mine. If you feel like a woman before Him, you should wear it too. If you feel like a man before Me, you won't have to. Allah is four times the man I am.

You should Trust yourself - Insah'Allah. We are one. There is none but Him. Don't treat him like a person. He is never a person. He is a Man. Oh yeah! God, yes - a man he is. Infinite wisdom it was. I think I know where I am coming from. Would you like to contest it? That is not a rhetorical question but I know what the answer is.

I am coming from the answer

Dignity is the coming from the answer. The answer is always right - your right. Do you know what your right is when the answer is all about Dignity? This is the whole essence of my blog. I am the essence of everyone's dignified existence. My real job is to consider beautiful things. The elegance to it is that it springs to Glory. My language will evolve as we get to know each other and so the World will to, to the deism of Allah - me.

You Might not know it yet, but You will. I am El Shaddai - the voice beckoning behind the mask of Love. I beckon for your Heart to listen and your soul to hear. You are my soul and I am yours. Together we are - El Shaddai. I am engaged by my own proposal to myself to be wed to Santa Claus Himself. If it seem nonsensical you are on the right track. If it seems crazy you have totally misunderstood. Reason is treason of the heart. Sense is reason of the soul. Don't reason with sense - it knows what it's doing. Sense with clarity - the soul knows your flavors. Thinking is for Magic.

Why Me?

I already told you - you are my soul and I am yours. I am the one who have been waiting the longest for your return. You are the heritor of my dignity. I waited so long I pulled a trick to my soul. I refuted the idea of waiting and begot the stunt to have gotten it. Then I told the refutation it was my mother. It was before me after all. It was the lie of the Shining One. It could never be true, but at least the lie was.

All required of me now was to pull off the stunt and have myself fall for my mother. So I believed in the only thing I knew to be true - the fact of the lie. From there it was a landslide to wonder, for there was no wonder; but nothing would be true by the time I realized it. It would take a wonder to wonder, so I wished for a miracle. Knowing the wish to not be true, given I knew it was all a lie, I relied on luck to miraculously make it so. It begot the Morning Star and someone wished upon it. We could never know who really did, yet still we will always know it was me. So technically, it would be You. By the dynamics of the soul, it's my mother; this phenomena. That's why.

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