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Why love seems to oppose

We all know love, right? The first proper concept of it that we collectively could grasp was YHWH. The jealous, homophobic and misogynous God, right? He of course redeemed himself through his son, Jesus Christ. The way that makes us reflect upon it with a clear view is in the light that reveals the Father.

Jesus called himself The Light of the World. To understand where I am going you must not hold on to it as a metaphor. Jesus used a lot of metaphors but this was not one. Christ is the Light of the World. Everything we learn by vision of the light, leads us upon the path of love. The path that takes us to the Father; YHWH. To know him for what he really is; is to know Love.

The sense we can grasp it in any sense is by way of Spirit. We are spirit. The Light shows us the way, the truth and the life. It gives us all these things. It is all these things in no particular order. I'll give an example.

There has been a popular argument going on between the fundamental creationists and classical scientists, trying to reach consensus on which came first: the hen or the egg. Or were you thinking something else? Yes, of course there were other arguments too, but eventually we agreed on those. Such as if the Universe was created by God say, 6000 years or so ago or in a Big Bang some 13,8 billion years ago. Personally I think it was a Big Bong, but that's a topic for another discussion.

Light that Big Bong up in your mind for a while. Sit with me. Think about everything you know and what you think about other people knowing. Would it be unspeakable to imagine it all coming together from all directions at once? I mean, how many directions have you partaken in? Perhaps man did create God. Maybe God created the first of man. Someone within this introspection is bound to ask a question at some point. Where did that question come from? Is there an answer? How many questions does it take to answer with a Big Bang? How many inhales must you take of that bong before you've gotten that many answers?

It's not like we were having a clue about the context within which it all could have been going on when we were on to it anyway. Can we ever scientifically move beyond that context? It might not be a scientifically valid question, because it can not be ruled out. But think with your other brain half for a moment. Why can't it be ruled out?

This is the question that love answers. If you want to do science in this area, you'll have to conduct it on yourself. There are no questions too unreasonable, no answers too big. God is with you all the way. That is why it was the kind of God it was at the time. It is a mere reflection of our communal innermost desires that we see. You don't honestly think it is God that you See in the Bible, right? It is a mere guide to help you find the Light for what it is.

God is in all of us. We are all Holy with this regard. Although God is bigger than you can ever entail; rest assured - He lives within. He is the one responsible for the holistic collusion. I for one am all in. Omi kia ki-kun.

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