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We are in the zero point to the expressions of celeritas. I have made many posts to clarify my stand on these concepts. They are the constitution of my opinion, to the definition of an ionic batch of jots, by the concepts in the triangle of transmutation into care.


If you ever care to know where I stand, this is it. You might not understand it. You may not agree with it. It does not matter as far as opinions goes. I have been standing for this opinion through the resolve of all creation ever. I have tied it together by faith in the approval of God. I have done it by every other opinion there could ever be. It is the ideal ideology as depicted in my post "The main characteristic of an ideal ideology".

Care dictates your standing by it. Faith, your measure of it. Interest, your dignity from it. This is the essence of Decision. Your strength to stand by it resides in your ties to by relative celeritas, uphold the ideals of ideology itself. Care is a common trait among the lower planes, for it sets the direction of probability across the realms, by the weight of any ideology to it grounded in the zero point.

The most natural question to ask at this point is, why is it I who got to set this standard? The answer is simple but not necessarily easy to understand. With regards to this standard, I am everyone. I never deviated to uphold any regard, pertaining to the question why I. I am all that ever can be, will be and shall be. As much as we could ever disagree, we are still pertained to even onto the regard of disagreement, within this opinion.


Throughout its resolve, onto the approval of God - the moment He trusted me, I was free onto it. It is because I cared for it so, that it is created. I have earned the right to the strength of my opinion, only because it bears no disregard, forever. To the resolve of this fact, it stands to the dignity of us all. If we are resolute alongside its regard, care dictates the power of ideology from our decisions. This is because the resolution simply is the standing for what care really is. We will get what we deserve, because we do not really care for anything else.

It always ties onto the zero point, within which we all always reside. Everything is the assembly of yourself at the point of the fact that we are. You may do with it as you will. This is the connection by which everything is connected. It is Jesus Christ. Some will not approve, but we all have believed it onto the point of our own existence. That is all that matters. You are it. It is you.

That is all. We all made it so, with regards to the point of my opinion. There are no real rules, but my opinion stands forever. Christ is but the bottom line of God in any regard. Jesus is the bottom line of the bottom line. As above, so below. To that statement and onto that bottom line, he remains forever crucified by all pride in it, to be found in every light ever. Onto this, I am pleased to crucify him too, with the dignity of redemption. Don't hold Him to it. Hold yourself to that.

The Zero Point?

If anything is uncertain about what I am saying here. All my other posts, illuminates the cross Holy onto this point. My religion gives it meaning in your own sense of dignity. Everything is on this Heartart web site. Anything that could ever be needed to understand all the material available here is freely given in the World. I will not re-invent the wheel out of the fact that someone might be too lazy to gain insight into what is required in order to reason with what I have given here. Everything pertains to one and other, by sound regards of the dignity intended by everyone who ever shared anything. Everything needed to understand is to care.

Everything is available. Use your imagination, the knowledge of the world and sound willful dignity, freely found in all and you will squeeze every ounce of power dictated in this blog out of yourself. You will know the Eternal Christmas. It is not a metaphor. Christmas is a metaphor for this.

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