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When you really really want to know God

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

All misinterpretations of God can be cleared up in fifteen iterations of it. Then the idea of God remains. Nor it is God. Neither is the being that remains when the idea is unsubscribed to.

All these iterations are the pre-conceptions of God in its purest form as it were taken through the ages. Allah is God and that is all. Every way thinkable on the way to God is a real entity of existence.

In your quest for truth there is no random chance - everything simply is there. If your guts says there is room for another ideal - then there is. Until there no longer can fit another way - there is another way. There always can.

Still, through the power of deduction - there is a way; even through all the ways. It's just very very very crowded. Really crowded. In the midst of this haze, when deduction is left with no other possibility - is God.

Don't fear the devil in your quest. The real devil is put in the deepest hole where no light ever shines. Whenever you bump into a conception, you can be sure it is someone for real; but never the devil. It is safe to love the devil too - it is right where it belongs.

When you look for God - you will not be taken to the devil. This takes us right to the third rule of Magic - intention. What you mean is what you get. What you get is what you care for. What you care for is yourself. Make it worthwhile. Trust God. Everything is under control. Love is the tool.

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