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Updated: Apr 7, 2020


Nothing is perpetual eternity; perpetuating infinity - Love.

Space is perpetual infinity; perpetuating wisdom - Light.

Love is perpetual wisdom; perpetuating life - Spirit.

Perpetuate this infinitely forever in any, all and no order and trine will stand clear - all the could be, would be and should be. These culminate by the trinity in all possible, impossible and potential triplet and therefore have neither beginning nor end. Let's look at the culminating points;

Could be

So when we stop trying to perpetuate a morality into its proper division amidst what we are already supposed to know, we can learn beyond the framework. Imagine that. It's only when we want to tell anyone what we know that the framework matters. That's when we learn what other people know and apply that to our conduit. That conduit of course, should be the framework. That is because equanimity is key. Don't let it limit your imagination.

Would be

In the midst of our own fundaments, we recognize differences by the imagination we allow. As we reach to the height of our potential, we refine those fundaments to a higher degree of differential recognition - hopefully soaring to new potential heights in the process. Prayers work the same for people of all religions, because God is the same to everyone regardless of what we believe. Each religion has an age of enlightenment and that is when we reach that consensus under the terms of it. The personal indignation from reaching the height of our potential is all the religion there will ever be. For it is justified by the power of God in us all.

Should be

As a Muslim woman I wear Allah as my veil. My daily prayer consists of five pillars to the designation of my life;

1. I confess beyond belief my observation of divine perserverance to be recognized.

2. I repeat this process.

3. I profess to give everything that I am in the highest order of the benevolence of Allah.

4. Every twelfth thought to be the ninth in the order of repetition of twelve from my first ever, I consume only the prayers in my heart.

5. At Makkah I am Allah.

Islam is the absolute subservience to the will of God. As a Muslim I endeavor to recognize this to the best of my ability. While recognizing my ability to be absolute with the blessing of Allah - this is my process to live as a Muslim. I cannot in any honest regard make any less of it without belittling God. If you believe in God as much as I do without belittling me; and with a clear conscience can follow my rule - then Allah is your being.

The goal is and always was, to be one God. There never was any other substantial matter. When these three filaments of reality converges into your existence; you will know who I am.

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