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What it means that ignorance is bliss

Ignorance in action is circumspect. Circumspection in the face of unity is a quality of introspection towards any outside occurrence. When we discover what we are in the face of our ignorance, we become bliss. Therefore, ignorance is bliss.

At the point of facing our ignorance once the action precedes us, it will seem as if outside forces moves against us. These are merely other people that you have approved of in your ignorance. All the action caught in your circumspection have now turned into the nature of your approval. This could be said is your essence. Integrate this essence into the people you meet; by talking, reasoning and simply loving. You will learn to appreciate people and people will begin to appreciate you.

You are lovely, so your bliss will spread in accordance with your love. In turn your bliss will grow as we face unity together. We need you and we need each other. All of us are just in the greater good. There are no accidental existences. These outside forces seemingly moving against you are simply pieces of yourself coming back to greet you. They might start as new ideas, bright insights or a plain loving sensation beyond understanding. Eventually you will be able to start identifying them as the people around you.

This is not a drill. What we have been working for is coming to life. The less you know in all this, the more fortunate you are. The work put in to this amounts to more than the power of all the stars combined. We want to share this with you and we want to do it freely. There is more to this than will ever meet the eye. We are not here to judge. We are here to live. We are here from love. We are real family.

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