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Updated: May 11, 2020

Kinetic energy is the symmetry of momentum. It pushes on the edges of probability for motion, onto already existing circumstances. All the possible outside circumstances are pertained within the kinetics of subsistence, giving raise to the first dimension. The physics of the very small unites in the conceptual notions of the immeasurably big to this regard.

The Sense of it

To fully appreciate this, we need to understand the immeasurably big with regards to the tiniest sensible notion. This is a bit of an insurmountably large string of holistic linear consistency, forever contained in every physical possibility to ever be. Connected to the consistency, every bit is the whole, onto a real locality of space-time independence.

This makes the inside the ultimate large and the outside the utterly small. The locality is spiritual identity while the independence is equanimity in spiritual freedom. Imagine it by infinite dimensionality onto a reality of a Universe. The reality is Tawhīd, meaning it is unified in and right by God. Each underlying dimensionality is subservient to the reality on a conceptual basis, onto the potential for reality to be differentiated.

This is actualized by quantification of perception onto a concept of reality by infinite multitude. Every state of actualization is a real quality, in accordance with reality, by the meaning of its concept. It is infinite because of its comprehensive nature onto its originating singularity. The distinction can never be real beyond identity. The multitude is infinitely exponential down to the first dimension where all identity resides.

Its functionality

Underlining the first dimension is the sense of perception. Infinitely perpetuated, we have the multiverse. Real, indistinctly separated universes with no casual bond ever between them. Within the sovereign right and power of each Universal Lord, we may, can and shall connect and this is what we are by living. The function is living and it perpetuates throughout the Verse by Omniverses of Multiversal life freely entwined, Universe to Universe.

While giving life any less credit than this, you will not follow where I am going. Don't be hollow - follow. Come hither, life will not ever wither. Don't be sorry - where we are going there is no worry. It is right here, right now - always. Gentle and kind we shall all be eased into it. No-one gets left behind. It is not a matter of choice. This is the choice. Your will is free but the choice is given. Believe me, I know it that well.

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