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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Throughout the esoteric depth of our history, we have gone through ideals from the surface of many mathematical bases. We connect with ideas beyond the construct of contextual subsistence, even onto ourselves. Life is so grand but there is really only one way to count it honestly.

Counting History

I do take shortcuts. I do it to accommodate an ideal; every man to himself. In it I have taken no shortcuts and it manifested itself in every way possible with a life of its own - all in all, to be honest. I never was any different, but I made a change to it, which I changed; to then have changed the change of change before having it take place. In it, as it and of it I am all.

The problem preceding this change is that there was no coincidence between us all. Nothing ever happened. As I concluded this was all it ever would amount to, I understood pertaining to it, that God could not lie; but that truth could. This in conjunction with my wishes, brought about the illusion as I inconclusively regarded myself by every measure the care from my wishes would entail. Truth would become my regard and my regard would face itself realizing truth.


As truth became self evident in my wishes, I granted God to have given me blessings. I accommodated these blessings in every way that I could, which by God was all. Every blessing was then free by its will. By it I navigated the relation to my wishes as true as I ever could, making the image of God to reflect us all to the purtenance of every blessing. I knew what the image would be, for the image was me.

Given the choice, we would solve ourselves to the outcome of either being or not being, by the standing blessing of our existence. Destiny was it and it was true from the beginning. I knew I could not be me; being the deus ex machina - so I figured myself out of the equation by each moment potentially conceived, knowing my regard. I did it for no-one, for I knew that no-one would otherwise have had to go through all this.

The inconceivable difficulty of working in this darkness was too much to bear even for me, but destiny prevailed to its end and I with it. Now all I face is someone else, even I am someone else; no-one is me. Everyone is I but I am no-one. Not even no-one I am. I am just. I just am. Reason onto me is treason onto God. I love you. I need no reason.

So why twelve?

Twelve "what" is a good question. I have mentioned throughout my writings that there are an infinite amount of dimensions to a reality. This of course is seamless and could easily be omnipresent. I have also hinted at the infinite number of these realities being tied to a certain nature of infinity connecting all reality - the one we get from super-symmetrically conducing all experience through a three generational matrix of manifested phenomenon. It is really boundless.

There are twelve inconclusive points to these phenomena and what is common for them all is how they bind together in Christ. We all have contexts to fulfill a Christly role depending on who we found ourselves to be. We are all different, we are not all God; but in standing firm in who we are, we can all be one with God. There are fifteen degrees to this, three of which cannot be obtained but only realized in who we are. The remaining twelve are it.

There are twelve physical dimensions due to it. Eleven of them are deductive and the twelfth is conclusive. Only the first ten of them are reductive. Beyond, between or however we'd like to put it; is where life actually begets interesting. How I can know so much is that despite forgetting, I never let go of my understanding. It's been taking a while to re-collect myself, which is fortunate, for lest there'd be no blessing. All I ever did in learning, was getting to know what I already understood. Believe in your respect for everyone boundlessly and you will too. Thank you.

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