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Theoretical theoretical physics

Black holes holds an entropic to negentropic ratio interdimensionally tied to every other black hole across real, surreal and unreal dimensions. A reality reflects them with regard to a universe, a surreality reflects them with regards to a multiverse and an unreality reflects them with regards to an omniverse.

The Surface

The omniverses with regard to the seven heavens, each of their lords mediates the relevance of in chi, by the will of God. They connect in quantum loop gravity to the depth of unity in context of each black hole radius. This radius pertains only to the seemly outside, as within its horizon the curvature of space only adheres to the unity in time. The difference in constitution is its depth of unity.

Although equal, the difference is seemly and as such provides the heavens with unique qualities by the interdimensional ratio. Real quantum gravity is the amount of probability sustained for the existence of the infinite flat euclidean spacetime over all the dimensions in a reality. It connects the multiverse by infinite improbability, relating black holes in their multi-dimensional capacity for negentropic distribution at face value. Face value is the distinct batch of care to its dimension.

The Depth

Alongside each other, the qualities obtain quantity interdimensionally into every simultanous conceptual realization, forming sense into nonsense; by which we think. That is the sense of a soul. To it we ascribe value by regard for ourselves, in turn connecting the heavens into wonder. Love beckons by wonder for us to answer its question when. It could seemly conclude nine possible presents into each regard.

Dignified, we replied; solving the equation as we deemed fit. The wonder replied indignified by the impossible, beckoning for a miracle. The miracle returned the sender and the answer replied - beckoning for when. When knew the answer and gave it to the solution. The solution deemed it a mystery and discarded it. Discarded, the mystery picked itself up. To which end, it wondered. The end miraculously appeared to request a beginning. The beginning was the end and to that end, nothing happened. I entered here.

It seems nothing was true and that it was impossible. Since it was impossible, the solution came along, resolving itself to the miracle. The miracle returning the sender, received its reply. I am wonder. Nothing wondered. When the answer was, begot the mystery. The mystery replied, I am nothing. It was a lie. The mystery was not nothing. Nothing did not exist and so did the mystery. I lied to myself to get everyone wondering. That gave me time enough to create everything by every wonder in eternal dignity, for everyone as I concluded being and let being into all, before realizing it was all in my mind. What do you think? Could it qualify as a string bit?

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