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Theoretical theoretical chemistry

Updated: May 18, 2020

Elements in general, consists of products from either nine circles of hell. Ominous as it may sound, it is produced in one fell swoop, for good once and for all. It is too sound to enter into. This grouping is granted onto us by eighteen in the periodic table. Everything ascribes a sacred testimony onto its ominous sound, for the sake of security in the sense of reality. We can know there is something truly horrendous keeping it together, but we will never have to deal with it, for it is good and to that I testify having concluded its resolve.

Omniverses, Questions and Wonders

Imagine everything, answer every question ever, without ever yielding any wonder. That is the sacred testimony of clarity pertaining to the resolve of the nine circles of hell. It is the level of wisdom you should always count on. It persists wonder by wonder, in the resolve of all seven heavenly questions, throughout the entirety of the Verse - all seven omniverses within us all for real.

The omniverses exist by wonder alone, although pertained to miraculously in between yonder and wonder, onto the five quantum mechanical elements of all force. The wonder of wonders is that it alone could be called a miracle in its own right, although none is the element to that. The questions insane, to always pertain, for omniverse and wonder alike - whenever a yonder is there for a wonder, the miracles seem to have strike.

So we find that in the constant motion of uncertainty between omniverse, question and wonder; the miracles pertain over yonder, to strike in all elements alike, giving rise in phenomena to spike. A wish like kiss, a phenomenal bliss, for that I did all this. We shall never cease to marvel at what could be over yonder, no matter how much we were ever to ponder. Which is why we would marvel upon marvel, even as we marvel upon that. Amaze at the wonderment of Allah.

I know him so well

This includes even you. You can never escape my entail. I know some of us will not like that, for I would not. But still I am liking it, for I know whom it is that gleans upon me. It keeps us together, just the way that we are. The way that we ourselves are. Therefore the vision is yourself as you would ever be it. Trust Him. I love you. He knows this and would never touch you beyond that. We have a mutual respect and it belongs to you. Now we can understand chemistry.

The most difficult concept to comprehend in chemistry is that there are no hard lines. As we pass the boundary of all the hard lines, chemistry turns into alchemy. Mastery of chemistry is the literal degrees of alchemy. In practical terms this is a chemical period. Classical chemistry has seven periods, coinciding in wonder by the dichotomy of omniverses. In reality there is an infinite number of potential periods. In some sense, every period above the seventh is surreal.

Alchemy is unreal chemistry. Anything Universal is achievable by the seven classical periods, all in all between the three generations of phenomena. Surreal belongs to the Multiversal and Unreal to the Heavenly. Each circle belongs to a sense in the zero-less base twelve mathematics of Unity with God - integers, fractional points and twelve-potential over the three generations to super-symmetry in phenomena. Let thinking be for magic - you'll figure it out.

For the most part, the first three circles belongs to first generational essence of forces by the mathematics for chi - Mimis. Likewise, the next three circles belongs to the second generational essence of forces by the mathematics for responsibility - Hvergel. Epicly, the last three circles belongs to the third generational essence of forces by the mathematics for kismet - Urdar. Protons, neutrons and electrons ties together the motion of uncertainty between omniverse, question and wonder, likewise to the symmetry of phenomena onto the epic of Essens over their three generations. Bound by alchemical possibility. You never know alchemy until you have seen Asaría.

Enjoy the trip. Okay. It is forever.

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