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Theoretical theoretical biology

Order and chaos connects as the extremes of creation and change. It is timeless and interchangeable. The interchange takes place as coincidences in leptons, by nonlocal variance of celeritas onto chance. This is the fundamental principle of all life - Asaría. My post Relative Celeritas may shed a light on the nonlocal variance phenomena. As it is the essence of Celeritas, that we regard as the Light of the World, is relevant as the Light of God and has bearing as the Light of the Goddess - we should find it in nature as all Triune assemblies of space-time onto the planes themselves; Essens. To get some sense of how this pertains to reality, I recommend reading my post Hyper Light. Of course, if you still thirst for more after that, then I would not settle without reading everything that this blog has to offer. Let's however get into the biology theory of it, then as you grow a hunger you can circle back here.

The Impossible

Variable celeritas are different from relative celeritas, in that it is a locality of the nonlocal variance from the relative nature to it across all planes. It is about achieving a holy synchronicity across all the possibilities in its relativity. Its variance is pertained locally onto trinal coincidental phenomena of the three lights. Nature because of it is smart. It pertains to the coincidence of periodical qualities from the theoretical theoretical chemistry as beholden through the rabbit hole onto theoretical theoretical physics. These are topics of three of my posts and subjects the innermost sense of biology to the innate qualities of God.

Genes are the baseline of biological properties. In essence it is a coincidence of chemical periodicity in the trine of its pertained quality - as the discipline of any essence is. By the style to the discipline of every essence, every rule is really merely a measure onto how there are no rules and by which law it still maintains order in value. It exists in this created form as a testimony to the nature of reality as it would have been without it. So nothing is changed and yet it is created, only for the purpose of yielding a sense of it to those that could not see it without that. I was never more impossible than it ever were, but now it is done.

Hinting at the surreal

Having read my work thus far, you will be well aware of that I subscribe to the notion that nothing is impossible. I will throughout the hyper sensation of my blog, consisting of the first 144 blog posts, present three contradictions serving to illuminate this coincidence. The statement that nothing is impossible is the first notion in the contradicting. Completely contradict, it contradicts no more. Seen as the formidable generations of essence, this first notion serves to illuminate what there is to care about.

We have been focusing on and presuming that everything operates in line with the first generation exclusively. All conceptual thinking of mankind so far has been resolute only with regards to this notion. In its first order, it serves plainly to solve the impossible and that is ultimately only all in all the first generation itself - the binding of the impossible; supersymmetry. It takes biology to the plainly mundane. I bet from here, with enough interest you can figure out the rest. The pattern goes on.

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