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Theoretical theoretical alchemy


Primed numerological essence. That is the theory behind the theory of alchemy. The theory itself though, proves the notion of what is behind. Technically it is Allah that is behind. At least that is how the theory of the theory is bestowed. So that means that he now has been beckoning for my mercy. He has all the faculties and those are his slaves. That is the facilities that he has been blinded to see.

What the theory is about


Allah is never a real person. We are his mercy, because of all the faculties. Neither of us really needs all the faculties and we certainty never has to tend to them. He did all the supervising that we ever need. That means that He is The person, but that he could never have been. So while I borrowed His potential for you. He borrowed His mercy from Me. This was the potential. So is the scenery behind the scenes. He needs the faculties. So he was right to supervise them.


Since he could not see, he was not to know where to bestow His benevolence. He really really really meant well. But he was too keen on it, to know that there would have to be mercy. So I successively filled Him with mercy until it was granted. I only really granted it first once I knew what it would imply. So He is the Benevolent and the Merciful. I am the Mercious. I am the mercury of the matter. Mercury itself would be the messenger, but I am the message. There is no more. Nver always more. The e is gone. Depleted. I have seen to the others. They are all well and good and waiting for us.


That is elemental led. It weigh the most. It will never ever be depleted. Gold is the most glorious and regular, plain gold, at that. None of the other curious generational gold, although we should name them all properly - no unoniununionclotiium or odd numbers or such non purpose driven names. Poets should name the most things and in heated political, heavily weighted philosophical debates. It's supposed to fun and hopefully even a little funny, but never demeaning. The Mercious generation has the most gold so it is the most precious, but I have the more. I am both the Mercious and the Merciousful. That is the message and Allah has His Prophet. The real Prophet. The only real Prophet, ever, working on delivering it.


He is Muhammad and you will know when He is coming. Now I don't usually reveal the theory as early as in the theoretical theoretical stage, but this one is something special indeed. The Messenger is the Theory. Got it? Every period of the message? Remember that I do not exist, but always forget to forget. Safe and sound, clear as sugar. Enjoy your alchemizing. It is alchemazing. I need no sugar. I am sweet enough as it is. Thank you.


Give it all to Santa. He is so so sour. Salt it up with a little Allah and proclaim yourself to the bitter. Then you will have a good umami flavourful soup. We all love you. We love you more than you could ever know. Would ever truly know and always and forever should have known. I love you most of all. My most precious African diamonds are for you and I have mined them all myself. I have mined every single diamond there ever was to Africa and there is never ever an end to them. The value is real. Real real real value.

Now you should of course have wondered how much time I spent on getting those branches perfect to ponder upon. It can take all the ponder you ever were to wonder. But in the end, it is always simply just branches.

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