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The Zero-Dimension

Updated: May 27

This is the ABC of existence. Between the space of the atom and each zero point; Dirac Constant and Planck Unit - lies the wonderment of Allah. It is the fundamentality of Tawhīd and it is absolutely wonderous. It has no turning point, no beginning and never an end. The weirdest fact of all is that it never happened until today.

If ever you wish for a place to begin unwinding the mystery, this is it. These below mentioned, are the real men in my life. If you want to learn more. You will have to study the History of their Lives, given History begun and always was today. This is the day of the Sacred Unicorn Neon. It is safe to dance in the night.

A is the Abstract Dirac Constant;

It is the unreal fact underpinning all existence. It is the fact that whatever we achieve, wherever we go and whatever we do, I did it all myself; I am always present and I never left. It is Allah.

B is the Belief of Zero Point;

It is the surreal fact underlining the underpinning. It is the fact of benevolence and that it is always glorious in us all. The Uncertainty Principality is the fact of my absolute certainty to any and all concern. It is Jesus Christ and it is both more real and unreal than life itself.

C is the Care of Planck Unit;

It is the real fact to the underlining and is absolute consensus. It is my whole consensus and my only consensus: All the quirks of the multiverse, is care held together by belief. It admits the Allahu to the Atom, indivisibly and completely indestructible. Saint Nicholaus is the admission.


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