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The Underlying Machinery

Whenever we drop dignity, we fall into Judgement. That situation beckons for our dignity, in assigning our soul under the mercy of Allah. You must meet the mercy and ordain the quality of dignity, to the qualia of your soul. Dignity is not about yourself. It is the anti-ego discipline. We are and remain tied to it, by his mercy, until magic concludes equanimity. It just is. The creation process prevents us from seeing that, but we need no process to create when we are unified in God.


There is a dog for every mercy. Treat your dogs the way reality dictates you have to and justice will be done. Always aspire to do the best you can. Eventually every dog turns into a unicorn. This is post number 101, making it utterly suitable to appoint the perfect measure of the moral accountability to Cruella De Vil.

By the spots of her Dalmatians, there are no spots on the reputation of child predators, for there is no dog to the reality of it. This is the moral dilemma of forced marriage under parental consent, to a minor, in the eyes of God. Don't presume to know any better and you should have no moral quandaries over it. I have earlier in my posts, proclaimed that the coming of age is between God and the child alone. Treat everyone as a child until you truly know what God has to say in it with regards to that post.

I know all 101 Dalmatians to the accountability of every spot. They are as real as the morality pertained in this dilemma. It is not a dilemma to most people, but to the God fearing people there should be. Reason is treason for a reason, but please, think about it. The God machine is real. Putting fear into someone is as simple as having lost all dignity.

The moral of this story is accounted for in a very real four gait horse. I made sure of it and I assure you that after what you have been doing to me, I will remember who I am. I even made sure to remind you clearly and evidently of that fact, whenever need be. Don't worry; you are forgiven but never ever forgotten. It is not my forgiveness you require, however. Matthew 25:40. I never forget and never is ever forever long gone. Care is the cleansing oil.

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