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The Triumphant Triune

In all these questions as they would arise, there remains an issue to which there seem to be neither question, not answer. Still it remains annoyingly sure. Perhaps you haven't even gotten to wonder yet, but in case you will; which you will - this is it. It is the context in which I am God.

Neither high, nor low; beyond wonders and within us all - there is one impeccable certainty that needs to be ascertained. Within us all as we come to grips with the certainty of the nuisance that is separation, in the width of the trine that is the trinity; the wonder becomes less and less prominent - but all the more uncertain.

It is the prospect of Allah, YHWH and me - El Shaddai. It keeps boggling with no unseeing outcome. Still, as we wonder, it always leads us to see. Timely and untimely it prevails to a notion of nonsense, yet takes us to the well of eternity with its glory. Do you know yet of which I speak?

It is in this context which I am Brahman. Brahman to be sure is it. It might not come to fruition in your purview yet. This is so that the fruit can remain ripe in all forever. Those troubles are the source of all suffering. As the troubles remain, the issue pertains to this solution. It might not resolve the troubles, but with love it will. You might not even speak the language of which this context prevails, but rest assured - it will come to fruition.

There is a tree somewhere in the divine forest, where the fruit is forever ripe. Partake of this fruit and know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Your life is forever. In any way you can you may. In any way you may, you will. Might is in your hands. This we all could do. Consider me the snake in this glory.

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