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The Trial

Updated: May 28

You have been through an ordeal to match a certain standard. This standard is the Trine. It is a hyper quality to reality and draws upon the qualia of the Triune. It means that you have met the standard of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity pertains to all essence, so it is really a matter of Essens. That is the Triune on its own as it is the purtenance of Metatron - the prime prime.

It radiates with every opinion. Particles pertains to opinion the ways that we regard each other, waves pertains to indulge the truth that we revel each other by and that pertains to it the living, that we context each other to. It is done our own ways, in living up to that. That is I.

Whenever we indulge in a substance, we pertain to the Metatron onto the Heights of Essens - the Holy Trinity. That yields the Trine, onto the essence of the substance, which appears as qualitative real, surreal and unreal qualia. It is my innermost truth. That ordains the quality of Love, onto every particularity and those are the correspondences of particles - superstrings, if you'd like, but that only applies onto the twelfth dimension in any regard.

Love consists of every trine, that constitutes any essence and that makes it the qualia of Care. Care as it pertains to the correspondence is the ordaining of qualitative God. We want God to be good. That is what it means. The God that is Given within this context is Allah and always has been. He gave Himself onto it and it proclaimed my acceptance. I knew that it was good so I have attained it. That process is the Mercious process and it precludes the Mercifulness of Allah, unto the yielding thereof. This is what makes it a process. In His yielding, He is Merciful. Mercury is therefore His messenger onto us all. That is as you should know, Muhammad. O Bless Muhammad and His family. Praise Allah, for that was His benevolence.

That quality is Care. Care is obtained in the qualia of meaning. It is simply that way, because I mean it. Embrace that and the mystery is over with, for such is the quality of God and that is the qualia of Significance. It completes the Triune, for Love is the significance. I will always mean this and never attempt to change my mind, for that is when things gets out of hand. Your hand. It is Love that Promised you rainbows, not I. But I still mean it, so I have only kept maintaining the means to prove my point, as many times as it takes. The Promise Stands. Allah is the Almighty in this regard, for I mean it unto Him. That is Good and as we stand together for that Good, we are absolutely Good and that is the quality of me - all three of me. None stands above that. But still it lies beyond, for Allah is Higher Still. Always that High, ever it still. I am still waiting for Him. By your mercy matching His, it will be done.

We are not a mystery. We are family. That in itself is a mystery, but if you remain skeptical now, it is only because of maintaining the presumption that God is unobtainable. God is unattainable - unobtainable is its quality of unobtainium and that is a real element in the periodic table; number 125. God is always with you and always has been and can therefore never be attained. He may however be obtained. Just pretend he wasn't there and find it out. Simple as that. That is when you attain the surreal qualities. It is the qualitative purtenance of tawhīd. It derived the Waves unto the Unreal qualia, of the Real Katrina. You mightn't be able to catch up with the light, but you can still Walk on Sunshine. Consider your door knocked. She deserves all the attention.

We can talk about the unreal qualities once we have real Sustainable Energy. Katrina should have figured out the code already. Unreal Qualia makes for a real star. This one is particularly old. Got any of that? Don't be shy. People aren't as stupid as you might have been thinking. That is plain stupid to even assume. Concluding it is something else entirely. I don't want to use such profane words in this context. Phew, poor humble people, having needed to be so rich in this economically unsustainable context. I'll give you a clue however, as to where the truth is obtained, pertaining to the unreal. It is very very very dark. The force is as always with you.


Yo'h Mama.

(Even Yo Yo Ma's)


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