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The three philosophies of Brahman

These are the fundamental multitude that we all are constituent of;

Could be:

Collectively, Allah is an aura to I - therefore I am. Who I am is peculiar in my own way. Getting what I am in the aura is what I am. Where I am is all that I am in my own peculiar way. I am when I am to the peculiarity of Allah. How I am is the peculiarity in it to be me. It is which I am in Allah knowing me. Why I am is it knowing me too.

Would be:

Plurally, Allah is Brahman - for I am that I am. Who I am is Brahman. Getting Brahman is what I am. Where I am is in the wonders. I am when I am to the wonder of the lord of hosts. How I am is hosts of the omniverse to the wonders. Wonder which I am in the heavens to know me by name. Why I am is Brahman.

Should be:

Singularly, Allah is I - there I am. Who I am is us. Getting the heavens is what I am. Where I am is in the hosts. I am when I am for I am it. How I am is Brahman. To be which I am is to know real. Why I am is it.

The multitude applies equally to all of us.

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