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The Tao of Chi

While the just works the top, the fair works the work; and the benevolent works the bottom.

The obsession

Life - we all know what dreams it may hold. The just knows it for sure. The fair are the finders of the treasures the dreams in turn may hold. The benevolent know these treasures by value.

On top sits the value. Life is not about getting there. Life is about being there. This is what the work is about and so the obsession continues. Obscured by the treasures, some although fair, misses its value. The value is down at the bottom.

Don't shoot for the stars, you might have heard. Who said that? Was it coming from above or below? Aim for the moon and you might reach the highest treetop. Did you reach the treetop? What did you find?

There's been talk of ascension - of reaching higher dimensions. What do you suppose is in them? Could it be that the height of the ascended only points to show how far you are from what you sit upon? The higher we go, the more we can point people in the right direction, but is it ever really up? Every answer seems to elude the question, right? Still we keep on working. What are we working for?

The obsessed

The question has been asked in many ways. All revolving around the weight of the answer gained throughout the obsession. Which is the ultimate way? Would you know it if you stumbled across it? Does it change what we are working for? Even more important - is it worth the effort?

To answer these questions we have to take a peek into the nature of asking. Which element that always persists throughout all the questions are to tell us something. What is it about? A relation to ourselves is always imminent. So that is the question, right? Which is the relation to ourselves within this concept.

In all honesty - we are getting to know each other. We all want a place amongst each other - the obsessed. We are obsessed with life because we are possessed by each other. It all falls to endure within the confines of realizing who we are. If someone pokes you in your complacency it is probably because we are not there yet. We have not yet fully gotten to appreciate each other. We can not deny it - the obsession is about the obsessed.

The obsessing

When we get stuck in our own with any missing consideration for others; then we have ego. We are stagnant in our obsession for life. It's not a blissful place although it might make you feel accomplished and superior, because nothing disrupts your right. Learning how to obsess in a crowd is the honing of life. Knowing how to accommodate those that sticks out of it is to be benevolent.

Even crowds can stick out of bigger crowds. Religions, scientific zealots, HBTQ-enthusiasts and the like. Learn to hone your skills, accommodate all the living and proclaim your right in its way that no-one can miss out on. Hone your skills to learn how to accommodate and accommodate until you mix with every crowd. To you who do not stick out to fit in, we will get you too; for peace is the way. In it we concern ourselves. That is the way.

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