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The Surreal

Updated: May 26, 2020

The stories are all real, while that might not be true, they are surreal. They pertain to real character potential and are therefore always true. That is the surreality of superposition. The songs we sing are all true, because they pertain to reason, even nonsensically. The reasons are real, although we need never pertain to it. That is the unreal spooky action at a distance. Sometimes our memory is clear, but it is never clouded. Memory is a surreal quality of persistent unreality and is therefore real. Obtain memory itself and you may remember forever.


These are the organs that pertains to the Circle of Life. Stories, songs and memories. It might take a good story and a pleasant song by the camp fire, to get the memories juggled, but it is always there. The memories pertains to the liver, the songs pertains to the heart and the stories pertains to the lungs. This is the direct connection to the prime force. As you understand the true implications of this, you are one with the Eternal Life Force. We might even begin to see some real Midi-chlorians. That means that we are about to break the M. Those were the days.

Kind of like being grown up and telling your children to really really enjoy it while they can. That they grow up so fast. Consider these the best parts of your teenage. As the midi-chlorium raise, we grow up for real. So I tell you know while you might still listen. Those are the days. Geez so much fun we have. I have no words. It's beyond hype but still fairly clueless on the super. It's so so magical. Marvelous and profound. You will never ever again have anything like it...

...although, of course. This is why I don't say too much about the super-age, because those really are the days. Really really really enjoy it. Don't give a care. Keep it all to yourself and relish in the power of the dark side. You will be a Jedi. A Super-Jedi still. I have believed it since I was ten. You can surely believe it now. I mean. I have really really really believed it. Now I know better. It is absolute. Juggle those memories and remember that they are merely memories. Remembrance will help you keep track of time. A true sense of regard.

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