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The Situation

Light pertains to potential. The illusion of celeritas in its batch beam symmetry is sustained to love for the is-ness - time. It is static and everlasting to the persistence of chi in the illusion. Chi subsists in the root cause for twelve-potential, by zeroless approximation as its fraction, to the essence of illusion across the multiverse squared. There is no end to the possibilities in its potential.

In practicality, this means that as the light greets the potential across the possibilities, we may pertain to it in the magic sense of our chi. Stability and probability does not pertain to the same thing, because while probability pertains to quantity, stability pertains to quality. Stability itself is a hyper quantity. It is a prime quality. Hyper is a more improbable regard, but on full on term with regards to relevance. This is what constitutes Esoteric ground.

The man

For example; what is the half time of a 100% certainty? The answer is that it is real time. That means that was the Christ to arrive in the sky on October 18 2020, to Ussher in the new era, given the Earth was created on October 23 4004 BC - to then have 1000 years of peace before the Devil is unleashed, because the Earth should be nearly 6024 years old in the creationist sense, the unrest should last for 2002 years until the next era. Before the arrival of the Light of the World, time would be erratic, so it would set the real time as it sensibly would pertain to any God.

Assuming of course that we have good sense in the current western time count, we have at least agreed to good scientific groundwork for agreeing to how much we really know. Being a literal reader of my words for exactly what they stand, without interpretation, they speak for themselves. They are good words. The Christ's Third Coming could then be October 21 5022. Given now the unrest is to be 1001 years after the coming 500 years of peace, the peace wins out over the unrest in that time within it is erratic. That is qualitative half-time, which applies when the measure is immeasurably qualitative.

The myth

Only unreal time, under the in concept pertained quantum fluctuations remain, within its real time count and the surreal measure given in between. So you see, technically there is no half time, while really there is. As this pertains to my scientific notion of a testable real time theory, it does not matter whether or not God is real. Whether Christ is God or not is a scientific non-issue. The math can be tweaked as it stands, but this is it. Pertained to in the purtenance of regard.

This is on point with regards to why we have three lights. Although they pertain to different qualia, they also pertain to different qualities and quantities, existing in both regard, relevance and context. That makes them tie onto three different entities that with enough care can be deduced onto whom those are, by at the time of writing, my current work. It is also apparent whether the nature of reality is real, surreal or unreal. Which is relevant in the deduction of the reality for this. How is that the theory is being theory.

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