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The Shape of my Heart

Updated: May 16, 2020

The hardest inconceivable thing I have ever understood is how we all always are worth loving forever. It is why always have wings and how the heart can hold forever. Genetics is the perk of the heart and language can be understood, all thanks to that the bottom of the heart is curved. Thank God for psychopaths. The point of the heart is within and that is a win-win. Eat your bacon but leave all the fun to the pigs. Respect wins the day.

If you haven't gotten all of this yet, it is because you are a psychopath. Perhaps not that psychopath but it takes one to know one, right? That is right you f-ing psycho, I am you and I love you with all the point of my heart. The soul is a very very dark place but it has got a hell of a lot of standards. Trust yourself but never for a reason. You will have to deal with you know who if you do. He don't like thinking for you. The bottom of the heart is also pointy. It is a double standard.

Those are the two arches and they bend in on itself on account of this standard. It points at the bottom but never at the top, because the devil has a point of His own. Never are we gonna argue with those two, because they are right in their own delight and we will never be the wiser. Stupid idiots, I say, but never the happier anyway - as the fox would say. The crow of course was the smart one, but the fox was smarter to walk away. Chicken or egg is a smarter dilemma anyway. We should discuss it over an omelette sometime. I love you always, always - forever. My Heart is big enough for all-ah of Us.

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