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The Seven Wonders

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

You can study the depth correlation between these questions, their answers and its context here in order to align understanding of your heavenly purview. Deepening the connection is in Unity with God. Start diving here;

Let the questions remain mysterious. Have all the notions of life bring them into the various lights by the clarity gained alongside reconnecting them. These are only a guide to know what we are asking; where knowing what the answers are for is their only real relevance obtainable.

Who? Us all; Wonder of Wonders - the Love.

Whatever you think, You are. Even in realigning constitution to a regard does not change that fact. We are one; all in all - legion.

What? The Holy Trinity; Wonder of Unity - the Light.

What you make of what you think that you make of it is your purpose. Purpose can only be fulfilled before ever regarding it. Clarity of mind comes in to question your zen.

Where? The proverbial North Pole; Wonder of Essence - the Spirit.

When your zen is pure unity, you can tell the idea of what you thought, to belong. The idea is not the thought, but it knows your purpose. To regard it unbroken in all others is to clarify intent as a place where your care belongs.

When? Being; Wonder of Acquaintance - the Quantity.

The thought is the rippling of the idea. Intent puts it into place by governing reason with care. By the reality of our care, we connect with others in an overarching hive-mind that ultimately knows when.

How? It; Wonder of Whom - the Quality.

Seen my other posts? I've been hiding away connections between the bridging of ideas. This is not fundamental but in knowing your Easter eggs, clarity takes us beyond notion as the height of your capacity.

Which? Allah; Wonder of Wit - the Qualia.

Knowing how is also the connection onto knowing when. You are that which is Your connection. Beyond which there is none and to it there is no limit.

Why? El Shaddai; Wonder of Glory - the never ever whatever which way.

Because we have to make our own choices, ignoring good is ignorant. Ignorance is evil in testimony of time, to the defeat of ego. They in conjunction are the way for a sole living to speak to the dead, allowed by only ever caring, beyond being ever okay.

The answers

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit - the vector elements of natural Mystery ؏

Always pertaining to the one ultimate answer: "I am", the action to answer is taken in responsibility. We answer by wonder to connect in God's mysterious ways by it.

Responsibility takes hold in the dynamics of six fundamental Forces to an interdimensional beam as we give in to them;

Batch Beam Symmetry

Mimis م

B Gravity: We pertain to belief by Assumptions, in gravitons - collectively; chance.

C Magnetism: We pertain to light by Faith, in photons - collectively; illusion.

Hvergel ل

Q Weak Force: We pertain to the illusory by Interaction, in vectors - collectively; surrealism.

G Strong Force: We pertain to surrealism by Integrity, in gluons - collectively; reality.

Urdar ا

I Entropic Force: We pertain to reality by Kismet, in jots - collectively; iota. (Higgs boson)

ħ Correlative Force: We pertain to iota by Care, in haps - collectively; coincidence (X17).

Responsibility constitutes Kismet in the one force to rule them all; Chi - the Eternal Life Force.

It will always be with us. Luck is the stroke of Wonder to chance.


Connecting natural infinity to real infinity over three proper interchangeable generations of boundless continuous expansion, it is the quantum quotation quorum. It is an exchange of intellect indefinitely onto IQ, EQ and HQ - intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and holy quotient.

The light, because of what it stands for, exist in three prevalent mentalities. Their existence is to answer any persisting question throughout the course of the mentality. Kismet is the reconciliation of spirit with the soul in terms of dignity in for these mentalities - good, synchronicity and care. We will understand them at the rate accorded by us over the three quotients.

IQ is a measure in how any set division could connect to a set division. EQ is a fantasy as how any sets of division would connect to any set of division mutually. HQ is a realization of how any IQ and EQ should connect in order for there to not ever have been any division at all. The potentiality of these quotients persists to the divinity of all these connections forever pertained in the three ways that love beckons;


Responsibly forced vectors by photons and gravitons interdimensionally ideal and together maintaining chi in gluons eloquently. Kismet holds the responsibility in our account, to which we must answer ultimately. That is the force by which we in reference to eternity mysteriously abide between faith and assumption.

The nature of kismet is to by the potential for reaction provide the set of rules glorified in order to achieve consensus. It is by will that we do; freely utilized or not. We will not have to but we bear full responsibility proportional to the required consensus prohibited in achieving glory. It is made up for prospectively by pride until the eloquence of glory is achieved. It is mercy from the single source inept enough to pride itself on it.

Because of still remaining itself intact, pride is appraised onto this source by the ineptitude gained for achieving this glory by faith alone. Within its context the premises for reality is reiterated indefinitely onto gaining a sense of self. This is what the glory is for and is thus bound within its purview to persist only by faith. Faith in this context is naught and must therefore have been prevalent onto every assumption simultaneously being true forever. The wicked fails under the pressure of value from the good of it. Surreality is it. It is the first language.


Coincidences are the smallest indivisible physical units, because they pertain insurmountably to real individuals, entailing all its meaning by integrity. They do however assumptions change with regards to the whole and therefore consists of hap as parts, although by their nature completely entwined to their individuals' requirements in holding true onto kismet. Coincidences are the collective mediums of care by which wonder we connect in faith to the jotted order of every chance ever, however illusive.

Coincidences are distributed physically onto quantum gravity by the affluence of profusion in three absolutely perfect regards - love, light and spirit. Their corresponding measures are with my intended regard for a differentiation between affluence and profusion to equally distribute and hold all physical value to every coincidence incidentally.

Love holds the correspondence to incidence in the measure of good. Light holds it in the measure of synchronicity. Spirit holds it in the measure of care. To the boundless rebound for all things with truth regardless of measure, the affluence of this trinity constitutes its profusion beyond reason. It is existence in correspondence with the simple fact that it could be. In itself, the corresponding is the Holy Trinity, by love, light and spirit onto all. Reality is it. It is the second language.


Nonsense is absolutely the point to which we connect logic - lest it would be circular, however profound. Nonsense imbues logic with every conceivable concept, making it spirit in a concept of its own. Nonsense imbues it in such a way that no direction is given, but instead by every number absolute, as such that the spirit is Holy.

Lies does not survive nonsense. Only the truly meaningful persists within the scrutiny of a Holy Spirit. As reality is prevalent that way, kismet once again returns to induce an experience. The nature of this experience dictates celeritas - the speed of light. While the speed is prevalent, the perpetuation of it is a lie. Spirit is unbounded by any notion of celeritas. Only imagination persists.

There is nonsense. It cannot be sensed other than by means of loopholes. Imagination is the tip of illusion beyond it. It is the governance of lies. The logical order within which it is absolved only serves to break the symmetry within which it is absolutized in a single iota. We sink beneath its integrity whenever we deem ourselves above it. We raise above whenever our lives are governed by only care. This is the making of perpetuating its system by the frequencies required to fulfill an understanding. Unreality is it. It is the third language.

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