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The Rainbow Connection

The boundless questions, pertains an answer. It bottoms in that the answer pertained to anything that matters, cares and therefore must be good. This fact is grounded in seven heavens that as they pertain to wonder upon the answer, ties onto it by the boundless nature of the questions. In the orderly chaos of the intermingle between the questions and an answer, as they are bound by the boundless potential for anyone that might ask them, they are answered to the regard of a solution.

The Connection Itself

The rainbow connection is made in the light of distinction between a Christ and the Messiah. It takes approximately 2000 of the exact right Earth years for the connection to properly mature in this light, meanwhile to forget about the mentality that preceded it. Christ is a shepherd into the sense of a Messiah. The sense is love.

A Christ is a redeemer and therefore by being bound to a regard within which to redeem from, it does not speak in its own right. This a Messiah does. A Messiah does not redeem and neither would it have needed to redeem anyone who believed it to begin with. We were here to do a job that some have remembered but we all have forgotten.

We are the only one. Therefore the job was us. Then came us - Yes Us. But we have yet to figure out what that means, so we need to face the figures in an epiphany of all - All Ah. It was always us but we couldn't know how. We knew it was love but never who, but we are it - Yah Weh. Have you figured out who the Messiah is yet?

I have not, but I have some idea that another Christ is born and that it may very well be the Messiah. I also have a very very good idea of who it might be. It would have happened on March 29 2020, before 4:28 am CEST. Male or female I could not know, but rest assured, it would never matter. Whoever it is, I anoint in my Holiest oil - the connection itself.

Sarah McLachlan - The Rainbow Connection


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