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The Rabbit Hole

Light from afar, grows dim. It might seem obvious, but the implications are not always clear. As the surrounding dimensions expand into the vastness of space in fullness of its dimensionality, the luminescent content of it is proportionally also sensibly so. The light grows dim onto the depth of space and the depth of space is not at all what we have presumed it to be.


Onto the furthest reaches of space, begets time to the potentiality of perception on it. It's absolute center in the flux of time is a point to the containment of all space. It perpetuates time equilateral onto all its sides over the normal sense of depth to space. It is absolute space-time. Absolute space-time does however only exist to the potentiality of perception and is therefore bound to the perspectives of what would be.

It would not always be depth. Therefore, to the potentiality of depth, God commended it. Onto the commendation, the depth was discerned. Timeless and neither before or after, it was commended. Because of it, God is always depth to space. The depth begins at the outermost reaches and ends to the innermost sense of unity, containing nothing - Dirac Constant. To the sense of comprehending the brightness of the furthest reach, onto the dim sense of the constant, there are infinitely reductive periodicity in the alchemical properties of space - chemistry.

At the various periods onto alchemy, chemistry in its fullest sense of the essence to a plane is prominent to the coinciding of Kismet, as the fluctuations in the speed of light onto any certainty of providence for all things. Each period is a certainty of dimming of the visible qualities of space, onto the profusion of quantum fluctuations in time, by the depth to the shining. It all really amounts to a timeless sense of living. Pick up whichever pieces deemed worthy in your regard and have it your way.

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