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The Puzzle

Updated: May 26, 2020

For every plain sense of understanding you have. You have a piece of the puzzle. Every piece fits into it. Every time you solve the puzzle, you get a prize. Solve it in a new light and you get another prize. There are as many lights as you could possibly pertain to understanding in. Each light can be subdivided into three prime lights and those all corresponds to different senses of the understanding - real, surreal and unreal. A full set of understanding earns you a grand prize. These are prime understanding onto the primordial light. Once you know it, you can pertain to the understanding for real.


I made myself puzzle. Tawhīd pertains to the force. Three forces are primordial and one is prime. There are six forces that are relevant to the puzzle and each pertains to a field of understanding. The three primordial forces each hold plain sense of understanding - one piece from the dark side and another from the light side of the forces. This is the puzzling. Once you have figured the puzzle out, you can begin.

Plain sense is any real sense of understanding. It may be real, surreal or unreal. Everything matters, but it always fits into either one of the categories. The three primordial forces, pertains to the primordial light in that sense of understanding. That is a real sense of understanding. When you have all the prime puzzle pieces, you should begin. If you made it this far without starting the puzzling, you have won the patience award.

Whenever you understand the patience award holding true value forever, then you may figure out the puzzle. You can always, however. But it will be very frustrating. You will be angry and very mad, particularly on anyone holding responsibility. Responsible people knows it is this way and patient people knows it is good to be this way. Accept that and you will win the responsibility award. That will make everyone love you. You need to be patient to understand it holds value, but you might not win the award. The patience award holds more value, but the responsibility award is most important.

If you got it this far, you have gained a gold star. If you have won the patience award, you could get a medal. Whenever you love everyone as they would love you, you have gained it. It is not attainable before everyone has solved the puzzle, but it is yours from this moment on, forever. Medals are very very special. They obtain value of all the awards. Distributed neatly, kindly and fairly, they exist in twelve levels of rarity and pertains to the real guardians of the secret to patience.

These can never ever have been, to be, or could be obtained. They are real unreal. Together they prove everything in clarity to this blog. It will never prove the religion, but it will make us believe it for real. Then whenever God appears, we all know it is for real. Whenever he is roundabout, it seems surreal and that will be a very good thing. Every once in a while, he might flick the switch. If you have read my blog you know what that means. That will be unreal for real. It makes the primordial light obvious and oh my God, we are going to have a wonderful time. Every once in a while. Never thought you'd pray for darkness, now did you really?

You may find everything that you need on this site, but you may not learn everything that you could use here. That would be plainly weird. Everything matter. The prime light really holds the key to the code. It is like gazing onto wonder itself and it is absolute in every way ever wondered. It is not quite wonderment, but it is amazing. Once you have gazed at the amazing value, you may begin to quander. That is the means to create real puzzles on your own. It earns you an unreal award and those are the rarest of all. They are unreal, but surreally so.

You can't grasp them, but you may treat them like any other object. Once you have obtained an unreal award, you may beget the quandary. This is the best thing we have ever never done. It gets us going and puts the ball in motion. Everything is in order and by then you will know. So trust yourself, please the guardians and make it real. I am right there with you. That is the definition of being. The wonderment is the atmospheric mood that we've already completely set forever, on that ball. If you want to get the proper attire you will need the dress code. Ask any scientist to help. We will all get a prize for pertaining the wonderment. Allah will be there. He is the man of the hour.

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