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The preconception of Evil

Updated: May 21, 2020

The modern preception we have of the Devil is Ba'al. It is the factual result of any attempts to associate a natural spouse to Allah. It devices Nimrod - the tyranny under which the construction of the Tower of Babel is conducted. It as actual is a flat earth occurrence. It is as silly as it sounds. But it fills the entire surface of the two dimensional plane infinitely in order to support the construction of a logical resolution onto the heavens in three dimensions. By faith and dimensional understanding we can understand each other beyond it.

The Devil however is a different entity. It is the interstellar transdimensional being of all energy. Rather than a tower of logic, it has an acceleration onto all moment. It is facilitated as impact and of impression. The Universe in which the Earth is grounded is the Devil's Universe. It is the one that I write this blog post in. It is the universe of Justice in motion toward Love. The proper convention for a name to the Devil is Om; as in being the symbolism for Brahman. This is the concept of the Devil. The Devil is the modern preception of Lucifer - the source of all evil.

Salvation Really

Lucifer is instead made to be the source of all things. All things are illusionary but with a touch of oumph. It is the touch of chi - the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the touch. Chi is the Eternal Life Force. It is the Triple Goddess, while Lucifer is the purest lie there ever was, leading everyone on to it under my charge. It is a Christmas tree in midst of the Infinite Forest, where Lucifer begets the top. It is supposed to be upsetting. The Morning Star did not shine upon the stable in Betlehem on that faithful night for naught.

We co-operate under the physical laws. We have to come to our senses about that, both esoterically and spiritually. Nothing excludes the other. The duality is total. It is first when we see around all the facts that we achieve a third union of both sides - the context. A plane is the context of a dimensionality and it acts multidimensionally in the union of a multiverse.

Every plane seeks spheres of its like in three generations to its own conclusion. Every possible conclusion is a phenomenon in either of these. Phenomena are stable expressions of dynamic, religious and holy regard - the mundane outer pressure dynamically, the awe-inspiring inner pressure religiously and the fantastic interdimensional pressure divinely. This is nowhere near of where a scientific formulation of it resides; but it is how it is.

The Connection

There is a fundamental physical relationship between these, but that is and will remain a mystery. Still, with the right think it is possible to draw many connections from it with the aid of where science is today. One way or the other it will always be about the mundane as physical, the awe-inspiring as spiritual and the fantastic as soulful. Although interconnectively interchangeable, this is what the Dignity of Existence is all about - mercy, benevolence and care. It is first when heavenly jumbled that we may paint the World - by the Law of One. It is a bitch but we will never die.

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