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The Philosophy of the Goal

The first principle of any ideology must be the common denominator. This is the challenge in mediating new philosophical notions. To arrive at the common denominator, which of course is the subject of its originating mind as intended, everyone must derive at it in objective consensus with the prime intent. We don't have to agree with it being ideal, but it is ideology none the less. With this as the constant of the goal in communication, philosophy will thrive.

The Time

Every ideal has a place within a thriving philosophy, so to always keep an open mind is the main characteristic of an ideal idealist. The main derivatives of the goal always having a place in a complete sense of philosophy, are that there are no unanswerable questions and that there are no unquestionable answers. Together they perpetuate a complementary sense onto revelation of perception, in that place. It is always a personal responsibility to presume that there is a way onto this place and that it resides within us all. This way, we may be wise beyond philosophy and have a pure conceptual insight, the way that holds the Multiverse together. It is the way to be the masters of our own internal chemistry.

The Place

Philosophy itself is about understanding each individual goal, so the goal is the common denominator. Although in this regard the common denominator is the goal. It is the first principle in order to achieve philosophy of any ideology. Always seek the common ground and listen to the one who first intended it, in order to be sure what it is meant to be. We are always free to set our own goals and this is the only philosophical certainty. At least as far as philosophy goes. Overstepping this boundary transmutes philosophy, into politics. The higher a philosophical regard in political disregard, the clearer our answers are. The highest regard can positively encompass every ideology, in communion.

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