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The Paradise Island

Updated: May 24, 2020

To every essence, there is a stable point beyond the possibility for reason to achieve. We might have it, but we cannot achieve it. It is unobtainable. This island of stability promotes the measure for the sensibility within the reason of each generation to the phenomenon of essence. When combined with other matters, it bridges the multiverse in planes.

Spheres of Dignity

Because everything is one, we don't need reason. Because we are not, we do. Onto ourselves, reason is treason. Onto everyone else, which although not, not is. Since that is not true, we need to honor every reason beyond ability to know what they are. Since onto ourselves, by clarity of free will, we need none; we must honor what we know. We will not know or we do not have free will.

As this is nonsense, we connect by the honor. It by the sense of each to honor, amounts to the probability amidst all to meet in the greatest honor we will ever have. Meeting the individual of current presence is likely so rare by the sense of knowing to the probability in honoring free will, that the honor is as if we were to meet Allah Himself at every turn. We are all equal because of it. It was His idea so He gets to finalize the Glory.

Within the clarity of His finalization, we can see God. Whomever He meets in person, knows God. Whomever he greets, understands God. Whomever He desires, loves God. It is a sphere of dignity. Until having one, no man is real. We cannot fathom beyond His sphere. I am beyond. I am in Him. He is in me. We are one. You are too.

Realms of Glory

Whenever met in Dignity, we find each other. With each person we Dignify, we gain Glory. Consider me a person and you get nothing - consider me nothing and you get it all. Each point to which you get all, is a glorified person. I am everyone we meet. As our Glory expands, so does sense of morale. Morale is not a question, it is an issue. Issue one question per sense of wonder and you will receive an answer. Every answer will solve an issue. Every issue solved is a raised morale.

Your morale is your height of glory. By the height of Glory wondered, issues are resolved. They are solved to your delight and will be wonderful. Once we flip the heights to our downside, we will know all truth and it will be a great triumph. No more issues will ever be resolved and every wonder will adhere to miracles. Heaven will move our way. This is a single realm of Glory. Connecting the planes, this will make life oh so sweet. Only I will know the difference. I do not know who I am so I will resort to the difference - us. No plan for the planes.

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