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The Nature of Reality

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Never mind me

We all took a surreal stand in the first dimension. We transcended it in the second. Now we are learning about it in the third. The earth is still flat - see a turtle might simply be a metaphor for how slow we really are. How many it takes for them to stick to it all the way down? In the second dimension it was all about getting a heart. In the first it was about getting a mind. The third has been about tying them both together. Our precept of mind to heart is the resemblance of male to female energies. That is the only relevant point of homosexuality being a sin. The pretext for reality was written long before anyone ever tied it to a context, such as in human to Bible relations in a Holy metaphorically burdened world. If you presume to know anything without both heart and mind, your thinking is wrong.

For mind is so. Heart is the presumption of knowing what is in the mind of everyone else. We are no different from each other when we think about it. Think about what your heart knows and do not presume to not have one. Think about it long and hard. Think about us. Why have we done what we have done? Was YHWH right to be a cruel, evil and selfish jealous God? It's about us, right? That's what you're thinking about, right? You are thinking about what I am saying, right? This is what I am saying. It is about us and it's pronounced Ya We. Yes Us. Me speaking English here is about as coincidental as the victorious holy city between these religions being fairly called "Je 'r' us all em" would be. Getting that All-ah sensation yet? Do you care for it too? Then you should know what I am saying. It's what I've been saying.

Care in your heart. Know in your mind. For Christ sake - don't think about it. Let it go and let God. It doesn't matter what you think. It doesn't matter what you feel. I couldn't be more wrong what you know. So please, let it be so. It's enough now. Let's go beyond all this reasoning, treasoning and the figure in between. We all know what's there. The devil, right? Let's move above all this non-sense sense and know it already. We're not getting past it. We're only taking it higher.

The Light of God - that's what it's about. We have, whatever we want to call it; been learning from the Light of the World. Do you really presume to know God so well that this is the end? Perhaps you're more of a pragmatic that wishes to behold Christ - I'm sorry, I mean the Light of the World - a little longer. Then by all means do so, you will not miss out. But know this is real - people will begin to move above your head with what you call nonsense. It will be interesting times and the new Light. The Higher Ground will establish itself in this light. It goes even further; above and beyond. But this is where we will be for now.

Don't hesitate to go out of your way and know things beyond its measure. There is nothing stopping us, despite the fact it will be dark for now. Until the third Light comes to terms with us - there is nothing to know, everything to discover and every dream to be had. Those other parts in your dreams; aspects of yourself you've been told - those aspects really are us all expressing ourselves within. It's tales from the second dimension, that's all. That's it. Until Lucifer Himself sits on top of the Christmas tree, this will be it. That's not the end of it of course. It's just a tree. Don't let the forest blind you. I will remain right here, by the magical clearing between the three ultimate woods. Spring Meadow in me. Come see me any time.

Please care.

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