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The nature of reaction

Memories, in the eternal cohesion of sense and possibility, are real action. To it there is meaning and with that significance. Symbols runs deep in the memorabilia of time and cause reactions. Those are the meanings of significance. In action we yield sense to the possibility of the memorabilia, re-enacting the cohesion eternally. Whenever contrasted, we are conditioned to react badly within memory.

There is no bottom line to memory. It grows with contrast, making us wiser, regardless of the nature within it. What it does however regard is the reaction we choose to the possibility. Did you know that you can make choices timeless and eternally? These choices can span across any paradigm of contrast between both real, surreal and unreal. That whatever we care for dictates these choices?

Would you consider to select options from the premises combined by all three? After all, it is what you will and not what reality will support. But at least that way, you get to make choices pertaining to Your life beyond simply reacting to what a reality that might be lesser than yourself dictates. Do you care to get that Free will beyond its reactive nature?

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