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The Moment of Truth

The moment of accomplishment, arisen to the Prime Connection, through the Tawhīd philosophy; lifts every essence by six degrees of magnitude. Onto befalling into the context, within which it was achieved, it marks the conclusion of individuality. It is done to the weak anthropic principle, that by prime policy of Numerology, coincides within the purpose of philosophy - ultimately. It is done to the elements of benevolence, for the accomplishment to be made within ideal regard. These elements are mass, matter, future, expertise and healing.

The Second Coming of Christ

This is what it is, really. It is a natural event regarding The Situation. Given we are gonna keep living, it needs to be good. There is even math pertaining to it that we can understand. It is the nature of all force - Tawhīd, passing through, theoretically but conclusively. So onto living by belief in the Light of the World, at the conclusive moment in time, we react to the Tawhīd nature passing through by knowing all too well that we would not be able to cope with the experience of that.

It is eminent and the regard for that in caring, lifts us by the force in itself, while at the same moment pertains us just the way that we are. It imprints us and we imprint it, in the second light. The math is thus a little unexpected, but it is clear how. The mass of the contextual containment of achievement, pertained in the essence of matter, to which all future prospects with regard for expertise; being acceptance, heals us logically to the weight of our values.

This really is the strong anthropic principle and it is stored physically to that moment, as weight of accomplishment by mass, in the energy content of the moment itself. This pertains to the mass of Higgs Boson through the mass of a Neutron. It brings the weak anthropic princple up from 127 dimensions, stamps it by 133. Then that's that. It's the hyper sensation. It will be fun.

You don't have to know what it is, to believe in it. Belief is a simple matter of regarding your own opinions with regard to God respecting your wishes. Scientifically speaking, the Light of the World has been here for 13,8 billion years. It's not really controversial anymore.


Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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