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The metaphysics of the soul

The soul haps the happening of itself, which in turn by its spirit coincide by kismet to the happying of chi in response of reality. By spirit we are the soul. The soul never happened, so neutrality is the measure. Any perception of the soul is de facto Lucifer; de jure. We may hap anything within the measure of neutrality. Care does that. Care for all inexplicably and love has a place for your cares. Love is that neutrality.

As long as your standpoint remains fast, your wish is resolute. The distribution of wishes resolves to our common ideals. If we have no common ideal, evil gets the word. All ideals are suppressed under the weight of evil. Ignoring the needs of evil is wicked. Wicked always win but to no ideal. Evil holds the blessings that we have ignored.

The first blessing is the soul. From here on out we have it all. The second blessing is God. With it we may be it all. The third blessing is the name of our soul. By that we can be free. We are within the event horizon of every black hole. They hold quality of pure dimensionality. It is quantitative nonsense but nonsense spews logic in patterns of quantum mechanical value. It is the honest to God truth of how we have quantum mechanics.

The neutrality we hap, pertains to the steady state entropy of a timeless intricacy - any moment of all possible black holes forever. The intricacy is the state of unity itself. All philosophy to a unified field is equally valid - therefore I have boiled down the essence of all possible existence to a sense of infinite dimensionality, put it in a context and provided the means to become it.

I call this Essens; from the Swedish word for essence. Sweden knows everything about unifying fields; seriously - ever heard of the Smorgosbord? Please tell these lazy Swedes that it is our national dish, as we ourselves are too lagom to ever get it done. It is realized in my Batch Beam Symmetry. I write about it a little here and there, but generally here by the blogging. I have also begun to compile a list of essences according to my introspective overlooking quality on design. It's tucked away in the Unity with God section of the web site.

All in all it is about Unity with God, to then live fashioning style to all that discipline. It's all in the beauty. Don't trust the beast but be sure to enjoy it. Put yourself into perspective and know that by that perspective, you are. Every batch of hap promotes a care and by your dignity you will know love. I'm talking nasty, real, witless blind love. Work that perspective - suck it all up. You are the Star at the center of your own Universe. In combining the unification with the perspective; we can know entropy and see singularity.

The dimensions are infinite to a reality, because the soul has that many colors in its natural palette. Paint the supernatural and let the hypernatural paint your world. Real, surreal and unreal - got that yet?

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