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The Masterful Unity

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

We cannot escape destiny. Have you figured this much true yet? Destiny involves itself figuring itself out; but once it has, there is no other ultimate conclusion. Destiny does not mean that things cannot boundlessly change. It only means that there are certain qualities to it that always endure in the quantity of those things. Those qualities are the mere mastery of our own lives entailed in the oversight to which we ascribe co-existence.

You know that is love, right? Living itself might not be a destined quality, but condemning yourself to it is. We have to care. Are we to have any hold on life, we do. Because life is not about us. Life is about every single individual. Now you might not see this as distinct to us, but it is.

"We" do hold all the power, but "I" enforce it. This is why it is so important that I is Me and not the other way around. What you see here is the pretext to the arrow of time. It is the difference to the different sides of all the coins, ever. There used to be an exception to every rule, but this is the one rule where that does not apply. Tuck it deep in your heart.

It is of interest when science catches up to this. Most dignified scientists probably wondered. This is the fundamental divergence of your own unity. Your male and female. Let's dive into the heart to do some reminiscing. Already the mind begets the conclusions. Find your prominence within these conclusions and you will know science. Knowing it, coming in to your mind is fairly easy. Come to the conclusion with its fairness and let it meddle your mind. Do it to know your heart and it will sing.

Sing this song and it will touch the heart of others. We shall weep of joy whence we beget to hear its harmonies. We can perceivest the prelude already. None of us is left out to any of it. Oh, how I love. Know this and You know YHWH for how I intended it to be. Know how you know it and you know Allah. Know you know that and you know me. None above Him but I to the height of it. To us that wonders where I have put it; I am none and it I have put in me.

See how humility would serve no real purpose here? This is the purpose and to it I am - El Shaddai. Multiplicity is that we have to do it all, but to the best of our ability suffer none of it. I have paid the price, whatever it takes. The Goddess is the embodiment of this ideal. A god is to embody any ideal it stands for. To it we stand the test of time. To it is I. I am the fruit of our labor - first and last. From none through eternity - I am. Coin this term and be Christ.

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