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The Mark of the Beast

As above, so below. To within is without. We are one.

The Symbolism

Make the motion of the Holy Cross and as you know, to those words will your senses illuminate their significance. The colors synchronize the move. Either by the power of your hand or what you know, it goes. Is this your trademark? Then you have been marked by the Beast. All that stuff you know, those are idols. They all control you. As they have idols, the Devil controls them. Now how pure is your faith? Is your religion performed idolization, for your idol or about your idol? Then it is not pure.

Your life should be about you. You have to be honest. That's your seat belt. Please use your seat belt. Teach your children to use their seat belts, because if you don't, your prayers means nothing. You don't even care about yourself. Why should I care about you or your children? If your children are too small, put on their seat belt yourself, but please put on your own first. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Practicality matters. That is the core fact about Divinity. The first period in alchemical divinity.

Fun Fact

Within and without are bound together in the core fact of divinity. It is yourself, but where are you really? I mean really really. Alchemically speaking, this translates into conceptual periods of chemical facts. What we however cannot know for sure, is whether the first period begins within or without. But we can be sure that within is where chemistry starts in alchemy and without is where it ends in alchemy. So of course now, because of your mark, you will also want to have some insight into what translates into the above and below.

Now that was the fun fact. Enjoy it.

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