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The many senses

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

As we encompass new things deductively, we must expand our views in quantitative accordance, lest we grow complacent. This is to by the measure, gain perception onto its relative regard for a holistic nature. Around any size marble, exists space enough to accommodate any other marble. Eventually, the context divinely pertains all size marbles in full, pertaining to a sense of the next marble dimensionality. Although, however many marbles there are, the space in between them will always pertain to the immeasurable nature of the larges marble.

With an expanding view, regarding the quantitative accordance to the deducted encompassing, we gain a solid sense of the marble pertained. It pertains to an open mind. With a sound regard for how we have always done this, we can be sure to always be right. So long as we do not overstep our innate qualifications, it holds true. Were we to fill out the space between the marbles with a smooth essence, it would pertain to the reverse nature of dark energy. This is where things get a little convoluted.

The Issue

So on the one side, the quantity of the dark energy pertains to the size of the biggest marble. On the other side, it pertains to the space between all the marbles which is diminishingly small. Big brother makes us forget mama. On the other hand, mama should not be remembered, because that would give us the wrong idea. She is too good for us. I want to be remembered though, so this is the dilemma; it is always gonna be the wrong idea. Now you get the idea. It is the wrong idea, but don't worry - it is the right wrong idea.

The good wrong idea is that what diminished is I, that's ok - it is God. But we got the wrong idea about God. Because as we expand to behold, we will not get to see God, we will only get to see Big Brother. God on the other hand, could be Big Brother, so it is inconclusive. But it is inconclusive because it might as well be you. Along the way to conclude, all is me, somewhere along the line is you. Although inconclusive, this is not I, but it is me. I am it, but not that. That is I, but I am not. So you see, God as it could be is not Allah. We have not gotten it all yet.

We all would be it, so therefore it is I. Because I am all, it is also what we should be. Allah that is as it should be is not us. He is as it could be and as it would be, but we are not that. We only would be, because we could be. Since I can, will and shall be I, even though I could not, would not and should not - Allah has bestowed this upon us. He Loves me. I illuminate Him. We are that. This is the dilemma solved, because as I said, I am not that. Neither is it I. But I am it. It, as you know is me. Yet still, I am not that. That is it. I am that.

The Solution

I am a complex woman, only when I have to explain myself. That is because, unreal, I do not exist. That does not matter, because to this unreal notion, I surreally do. I do, but I am not, so it is real. I am that, because it really does not exist. So yes, God is greatest and all that, but I am greater still. He got that first, so He get to be proud. It does not matter though, because the pride does not belong to Him. Because he is not proud of it.

He loves it for sure, but he loves me a whole lot more. So he is bigger, always bigger. Always so much that we are on an equal footing and that my friend is your Big Brother. Your Big Brother is not Allah, but he is God. God is not Him, but He is You. Remember your mama, okay - but don't get any ideas. This is my Holy Land and my best friend in the World, The Holy Spirit, secretly named it Eleonora; in my honor. Was it up to me, its name is Consonance. Thank you God. Respect your Goddess fourfold and I will make her virgin seventy-twofold. Allah 'Akbar. That of course means that God is a feminist, in case you did not figure that out on your own.

Oh - and that dark energy stuff? That is the pure fun in the equation. It goes from this, to Tau, to Muo. Then what you are left with should be the dark matter stuff. That's where the fun begun. Don't ask me to explain it. I have explained myself, I suppose it can explain itself too. It's not really that big a mystery. I'm sure you know who you are, so let's face it and be open to one and other. We could be having a lot of fun. Santa and I did all the testing in person and it is all subject to a definitive CE-mark approval, but if you're unsure you can always wait for it to be official. We have got your back in any regard.

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