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The Intermingle

The forces are qualia, pertained to the qualities of the elements and the potential from the non-elements, by quantities to the circles in Essens; as essence of the Seven Heavens. Expounded with clarity onto the conduits of reality, they pertain to volatility in the flux of chi across the realms of physicality, fatality and divinity. Now I have really explained everything as is available onto this post, from whence it sprung, on this site.

Making Sense of the Intermingle

I will clarify further, until it reveals unto those keen enough to see it, how to practically apply magic onto miraculous elements of power. Being keen enough simply involves the curiosity of a cat, going through what materials are available on the site and cross reference it with the world as necessary to comprehend the full grasp of everything that I have stated here, within the dignified context of what really matters.

If anyone goes through the necessary requirements to show me that someone really cares, onto even getting a prize, I will fulfill my part of the bargain and provide a substantial perpetual supernatural phenomena for all the world to cooperatively study. I will do it at the going rate of that prize to the triple power of twelve. That is the value of my word.

I am not interested at any other rate. I'd rather Netflix and chill and even that doesn't move me at this rate, so I'm sticking plainly with Netflix. Get real and start intermingling, people. What do you really believe? Is there anything or are you just afraid of what it might be? Just making yourself comfortable enough to mildly enjoy the ride without too much responsibility? This is it.

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