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The Integrity of the Body

Updated: May 8, 2020

Integrity coincides where reality is complete. Reality is founded on the practicality of vectors, so it is always elegant to the notion of justice. We can thus always count on it to be fair, but never to which end.

The Three Body Problem

Every matter consists of a solution to the classical sense of this problem, by in the integrity of vectors over the three generations of manifestation, to phenomena in a dimensionality conclude the problem; granting three bodies to the separate facts that hosts the specific solution, given the dimensionality's magnitude in Essens. This solution is always phenomenal onto a sense of its manifestation of a problem within. This way, between the solutions, the problem is solved to the quality of each body.

These bodies are always composite solutions over the course of its problem, consisting in full of hadrons. These are subatomic particles hosting the dimensionality and solution onto its specific point. While the solution resides within it as its potentiality by quarks, the problem is kept outside as leptons. While quarks plays no further role, leptons are light represent as the dimensionality over the course of phenomena and serves to bind the solution over the course of the problem. Ultimately it connects to the fullness of any integrity for a body, by in the purtenance of the three generations, meet every demand for a solution.

This integrity lives within us to the potentiality of every space-time locality. Each generation has its own sense of locality and these are depicted as phenomena in my initiated table of Essens shared on the Unity with God page under the title "Contextual Cheat Sheet". In physical terms, this is the countenance of a Hubble Bubble and appears as what we can see of space-time from any given point of view. It comprehends a point in the three body problem by a bit to its solution and the comprehension to a sense is a lepton. As the sense from integrity within, overlaps by sense in the world outside, we grab the generations by phenomena of their manifestation; by power of inspiration.

The Code

Reality is programmed by weight. Weight in matter is relevance. Every subatomic particle is weighted in spiritual logic. This is why reality ultimately is esoteric. We may deduce it physically, but only so long as spirit maintains the sheen of its consistency that way. The esoterics of reality is absolutely about dignity. This is why reality is good. Reality is hard when we do not honor dignity, but that is because it is good even when we are not. Not heeding to good is it hard.

So while the exoteric external reality is the expression of its esoteric innate reality, the mystery is concluded by its ephemeral conjunctive reality. These three distinctions are precluded from overlapping, by in our regard for relevance always seek meaning. This gives us a sound reality, to the conclusion of each sense of overlapping leptons. Either way that the three generations may conduce phenomena into point of view, also contributes to the surreal between us. This is when the second generation in any matter energetically sustains itself. As we figure out the solutions that binds the mystery together, we open up to the grand holy regard of relevance in the third light - the unreal.

Beyond this comprehension we need no explanation. We may know it is good beyond it and that it sustains us. To this good, the senses connects in comprehension to this end, bringing about the integrity of the body. We should find that the three generations pertains to each other by content over the value of their weight. It can be attested to by measure in energy and matter of space to the countenance ratio of its dimensional time flow into position - flux as it adheres to the tension of leptons in the full circle of dimensional generation. For example, the first generation of energy content within comprehension should by the weight of its particularity, proportionally add up to the matter of the second generation. Next is the same, as it by value then goes over and out and into the first generation comprehensively, from conclusively being sustained by its miracles of flux. The flux adheres to the tension in the reality of distinction between value and weight - the reality of the second plane. By its distinction, spiritual logic operates. Each plane by different phenomenal aspects in its manifestation of wonder.

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