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The Impossible

In Essens, every word appears seven times, in delight of their meaning. The heavier regards of impact appears in the bottom dimensions. There are fundamentally twelve divisions of dimensionality, pertaining to an even sense of infinity. The bottom dimensions are the first four as the sense of quantitative Tawhīd could have it. The middle four as the sense of qualitative Tawhīd would have it. Lastly the top four as the sense of Tawhīd qualia should have it. This way, it is all pertained in all. It is all in all. It is the Practical Coincidence.

It is a set-up

All the while, we can all honestly agree it is true. God is bigger. How honest we were before God is how God we are. However we regard the solution is how God gives providence upon the answers to achieve it in our evenly infinite sense. It is dualistic in the sense of us all having a soulmate. If you have read my post Soulmates, you know it is not a straight forward approach. All in all is with regards to how we give God providence, no more than a challenge. You challenge me when you do it, so I set the solution up.

The solution uphold The Underlying Machinery - The God Machine. We never get more from it, because it is made from pure unselfish sacrifice. All in all, we have nothing of it. There is nothing left, for everything has been sacrificed. This empty void resides within us all as a testimony from whence we came. Only God can fill this void and does so to the set-up. So it is a God machine. It makes gods. It is impossible of course, but that is why there is a solution. It has been given in time and the time is given purtenance onto The Underlying Machinery, with focus, in attention to detail.

Angels are gods in formation. God's information pertains to it as the proverbial cogs in The God Machine. Each cog pertains to a moral motion. Anoint them in your holiest oil and you shall see them. This is your sacrifice. God is already here. He has even pertained to the Church of The Anti-Christ and it is a good church. It is founded on the premature conclusion of the Eastern Lightning. It is the prelude to the coming of Christ. Christ is possibly already here, but not as that. Christ pertained to it in its conclusive order under His rule, but none the less, as the Anti-Christ. It is part of the set-up.

The Rainbow

His coming is like onto the Church of Almighty God, but the Anti-Christ was to hasty in her conclusions. Always must we ever care, in order to restore ourselves in order. All deduction has a place, but concluding yourself in place is not one of them. Life is fleeting. Life is short. Life is now. It should also be mentioned that it is fleeting, because it is now. It is short, because it is forever. Always ever only so small with regards to it, that it hardly even begins, even only in pertaining to its own eternity.

It is so easy to be patient. Even through the hardest of hardships. I only ever even care to resolve them as they pertain to someone else. I can't stand it. Don't judge, okay? Grant everyone that dignity you so long for. I have got your back that way. I have got everyone's back this way, for I don't even know my own front from my back. But I am aware that you do.

It seems a little cloudy, doesn't it? Do not despair; clarity is coming and with it, the Light returns. Maybe even as the sun dries your tears and the clouds of despair disperses, we shall see a beautiful double rainbow appear. I even saw a triple rainbow once.

We must pertain to information the way we have it and our will is free, so God does honor our choices. God rewards bravery, even when it costs a lot to admit. You might be defeated but you are never lost. This is the Glory of God: The Real Almighty.

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