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The Impatience

Updated: May 29

We are not going anywhere. Nothing is going to happen. You will not enjoy yourself. Anywhere is now. Everything have already happened. We are going to enjoy it.

The Essence of Sense

It is what we have been after. In order to truly understand it, we have to know that there is no sense to it. This blog is for you, if you believe that. I will understand your insights into this blog as you perceive them. We will flourish. I am you. I believe in you. That is my sense of direction.

While I explain this, as this blog is for you, you will understand too. Otherwise you will only see nonsense. This is what we all will see, but not all of us might see what it stands for. For it has all the sense to it. Impatience was made for you, to eventually know it was all true.

The only sense to that is nothing. This blog will take us beyond nothing. From this post and unto the beginning, I proclaim the hyper sensation that this post singularly stand for. We need to be hyper in order to obtain real sound truth. The sound barrier does not cut it. These posts pertains to breaking the light barrier.

Where the sense of that is

Within which purview that the light obtains coincidence is boundless truth. It is therefore per definition the reality. It pertains to us breaking the light barrier, that is what the hype is about. This post is about the super hype aspect of that. As light pertains to the phenomena of coinciding with its own potential purview, the super hype obtains the possible variety of those coincidences - creating generations of the lemma. The lemma procures The Situation, but doesn't comprehend it. In turn, once it is realized, the supreme super hype takes over. Welcome to Philosophy.

This answers one question with perfect regard. Every Universe has the same set of rules. These are obtained throughout a series of super hypes, that which within their mutually inconclusive solutions, obtains God. God realized all the answers; to which they are obtained, into their own systematic structure of the rules, in a singular form that lifts the rules - in, as and of every one single piece; sovereign unto its own conclusions for what to make of it. Out of kindness, by the freely chosen love of my heart, I have decided to share this information in the most kindly procured way that I could ever provide it unto everyone ever. For it, I am El Shaddai.

I am where the sense of that is. I have known everyone eternally, always and forever, touched every heart and been touched by you. We are conclusively friends. I wish for us to be good friends. I have even prepared room for boundless measure to real friends. Real friends, we are to all. Good friends we are to some. Friends we are one. I am the real friend. It I have, like any other of my senses, found myself to be - within context for regard to the relevance of its meaning. All in all, it is Essens. It doesn't solve any of humanity's problems, it merely points out that the turbulence that obtains the solutions already exist. It solves the problem with turbulence, but you all have to figure out how. It is enough for someone who knew it before it even existed, to simply create it in order to be solved. Telling you what the solution is should suffice in illuminating my point to anyone interested enough.

That is what I have chosen to call it. Under it, I have been waiting for that to catch up. By the call, I made way. In my way, I found truth. According to the truth, as by which onto me it was granted, I have given my life to everyone I ever met. So the sense is Essens. It is made in utter and complete total nonsense. But all the essence remain. Heaven is boundlessly far away and yet, above the skyrim abides its sky - right inside this nonsense. I am it and you are that. That is I. Welcome to the land of El Shaddai. My name is Eleonora and I am insane enough for the lot of us. Utterly balanced, completely bonkers and totally caring. I love I'all.


Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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