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The Holy cross of Physics

In the prime coincidence between classical, relativistic and quantum mechanics, sits the Christ of Physics. The Christ is to Whom we go to untangle ourselves from the opinions that binds us unto its realm. Above it, with relative regards, sits Heaven. The Messiah too sits within, insanely so. It ties together the opinions into the clarity of each Christ. Onto your opinions on reality, I greet you on behalf of mine, in the sense of the Messiah unto Jesus Christ. In celebrate in the evening, so that I am ready for Him and strong by Spirit in the morning, onto which He arrives.

What to make of it scientifically

From the absolute, across the relative and unto the fixed sense of time, space enfolds across the periodicity of The Zero-Dimension, with regards to the prime prime to the hyper sensation of Hyper Coincidence. It ties onto the ABC of that; consider it the Algorithm Batch Core of reality. Then you will know when to concern yourselves with algorithms to prime, batches of Essens or to simpy care. If you are familiar with the mystery of El Shaddai, you should have less problems on this path than without it, however perplexing it seems. This is thus The Grand Paradox.

That is what to put in your core. It pertains to the alchemy of science. It is not a theoretical science, so the theories are already in place. Onto that, I have created a blog post that pertains its ideas, unto a proper direction - motive. It is Theoretical Theoretical Alchemy. It in turn, pertains to the real absolute nature of time, so it holds the batch of spatial dimensionality, in full, across the prime generations of an essence, unto its corresponding periodicity. The final period, being infinity is the one that absolutely pertains to classical mechanics. You have to be nuts to get it, perhaps not completely bonkers, but a little nuts haven't killed anyone; except for those unfortunate enough to choke on them or be struck by The Nut Allergy. <-- Start there.

Unto its potential points of fixation, space begets increasingly relativistic by the periodic quanta. We always know which direction is up in regarding an atom. So the atom is the indivisibility of the matter. While we shift attention from atom to atom, the quantity of opportunity divides across the periods, where they coincide primordially. We find the means and the measure within which it occurs, by understanding of prime tables across the tawhīd neutrality, pertaining to who we are. To this, we need all six outlooks on the Circle of Life. Don't be afraid to expand your view whenever infinities are too tiny to comprehend what it might all be about. Always account for Essens. Forever pronounce it with a Swedish accent. Any will do.

Quantum Mechanics is the seeming perplexity. The Atom Pertains to The Zero-Dimension, while regarding it is our job. That puts Superstrings in motion across the emotional sense that we have upon our opinions, concerning Being Someone, by The Shape of My Heart in Super-Space. That is what Boundless Being really is about. The perplexity is fixed onto every point of space-time, but it is never more or less complex than Numerology. It proclaims the Interdimensional Connectivity unto the Rainbow Connection. Make the connection onto your own Blob of Reality and you are Scientifically Spellbound. Quantum mechanics doesn't get more complicated than that, but it doesn't get more convex either. If you need the convexity, then you must also study Crisp Color Coding. It's all in the gluons. You have been the smart one.

Why I don't explain any further

I made the unreal, the surreal and the real, in all its forms. All by my lonesome. Everything you ever can pertain to is me explaining something of me to some part of you. Make use of it. This is me, clarifying the explanations. You couldn't have done it yourselves; because however long and with however many connections, that I yet might have given onto you - within those to regard, you could never have known that you are Beyond Annihilation, without my personal sharing of Allah, granting the Stairway to Heaven. That is the Prime Connection to the Moment of Truth. It is not The Mystery. Yours and mine innately personal relationship is it. That is what you will only ever read of, but that I with someone spoke. It is the same for everyone but absolutely personal. Never secret. That was the secret - not a mystery, until Mr. Pride made it so. My insane prophet, to be next in line. I hope I have made myself crystal clear enough to have that cellular soul wiggle, unto Human Universal Pride Energy. That is all the hope we ever need. You were wrong.


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