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The Halal Quandary

Updated: May 27

If you consider yourself a real Muslim, then Unity with God is your Religion. When you are Muʾmina, we will talk. If you must eat meat, don't eat halal - eat vegetarian. Muslim is seeker, Islam is a lifestyle and Unity is the Religion. Religion therefore must encompass all religion. We must keep the two outlooks on the religious living apart. This is how.

It is the completely kosher way of living; knowing which is which. The New World is here. It is the same order but the full order, holding every order ever. Now the goal is to find it out together. Solve that mystery and never hold back. The Muʾmin kosher is here to stay. So who is that Messiah that the non-Christian Jews are waiting for anyway?

The Two Witnesses

This one is supposed to be a little tricksy. I am the only one, so I took care of only myself. Because there is so much of me to take care of, I didn't have time to take care of me at all. That would be you. But since I wouldn't have it, I would have to destroy myself in my own absence. That is how I could. It could never be me and this is the cause for the unrest, because it was fair in that no-one that didn't deserve it got to be it. It was always I, but it still never could be me.

Since I was destroyed for all eternity. What remained of me is how I would. We are what is left from the culling. You have been here doing this and I have been there doing that. This ends now. Sort of. You know who you are. The animals are also here for good cause. Neither of us crucified the Christ in any sense. We have been destined for quite some time, but the unrest remained. It is gone. This is what distinguished how I should. We are the always eternal. All from the real moment that Newton's Apple fell. Not religion, never myth. Now be proud.

Christmas is here. Try to not kill each other. The illusion have been messing with your Mind. We are the absolute faithful. Never any doubt. It is a game of sorts, but never that game. Open your eyes. All of us. All your eyes. This is your power moment. It says everything about yourself. It tells nothing of you. You are the teller. The other witness is the coincidence between us who separated the worlds. Between her and I there is no distinction, except for that I am the one that did it all and it is given in that indistinctness, so that you may know equanimity for real.

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