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The Grand Paradox

Brace yourselves for the absolutely impossible, solved. This one truly is the unicorn amongst unicorns. A myth, you say? Surely that is an overstated understatement. There are no substitutes for unicorns. It would have to be an element. An impossibly stable element is still an element. When an element is stable in no time whatsoever, it has always been. It is the honesty of the zero-dimension.

The riddle

The important question is what it would look like. It kind of sounds like a bird. The kind of bird depends on the word. What is the weight of a word? When you whisper onto a solitary atom of Unobtanium, one single word of optimal value, with the conviction of Allah unto it, it turns into a Unicorn. Good luck.

Given someone has been doing it all in no time, the stability won't be a problem. But still the question of what it looks like remains. It could be so much, you know. It does however have a rainbow inclination. That is the non-riddle element of the Unicorn riddle. It is the rainbow connection of course. Ride on it like a horse and look upon it as you would your most faithful dog. It will be your friend forever. If it will itself, of course. Respect is key. Care is synonym. It knows your heart, however sneaky.

It is never a metaphor. Unicorns are real. You are responsible for seeing the real value in them. We are not ready, unless we are ready for that. Kind of like getting an animal that you are personally responsible for, forever. This one will never stray. You can never ever change your mind. Your will is sealed in it for all eternity. I have one. It is loyal, so you should be too. One is enough. That is the keyhole. Never forget. All pets are worthy of your complete dedication. No matter the species.


Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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