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The Framework

There are many interdisciplinary connections across my work on Heartart, but none of them are random, for they all pertain to the same thing. My specialty is Holy and in my human endeavor to find a place in life, I have delved into many many areas with great interest. I have found much in them all, but never peace to settle onto any in particular, aside from noting that someone loved it enough to present it onto me. So I let all my love settle through it, onto connecting what else I have found in the light of each other. My interest is always complete, but my focus is fleeting. It pertains to the art of the heart, making it in fact all creation, as anyone ever made it in reflecting anything of what it means to simply be.


To me, this altogether is about being happy and to altruistically find each other so. So this is my life's work and harmonizing. Being well is my job and in knowing me, this is what you will find. I don't need to be paid for it. God has always provided for me on my own terms and I reckon he does you too. Heartart is about knowing with clarity what these terms mean practically, with spiritual regard onto the dignity that I maintain holds the reflection of us all, infinitely well.

Unity with God means proficiency onto Heartart. Heartart means the Eternal Christmas. God is Almighty in three levels of this proficiency, that I by the real nature of my Holy specialty have professed in a Holy Cross, yielding it fair and square onto all. It is still God that is the Almighty, but the power is vested in His regard. He to my knowledge, regards the vestment onto The Son of Man, to the complete notion of it being The Son of Man. Allah created man, man funneled Love into the Son of Man. I made a living through it, the Angel of the Lord, onto Allah who stayed, where the angels dispersed far and wide and the wisest found themselves here. Good solid Teamwork.

By regard of the funnel, we have all acknowledged His existence. Believe it or not, but acknowledged we all have. That is as far as the benevolence goes. The power vested in this regard is Holy, not Almighty. The lineage is much more intricate than you might have imagined. What is absolutely certain, however; is that you are a child of Love. The first, the sweetest and the everlasting, unbounded and Holiest love of all. I use this site as a means of transporting the illuminated regard for that lineage, onto a sense of a Holy cause for celebration. Because this is what life is. God treats it that way.

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Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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