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The Dynamics of the Soul

The truest sense of meaning to the soul is divinity. It aligns entropy for the soul to shine by all magic of the seven heavens. The mastery of this power amounts to all freedom from constellation in creation, by channeling the expertise of the realms into answer to question concurrent comprehension learning, to division over the sense of imagination.

Magic envelops divinity in spirit to by individuality devised imagination fulfill the Three Heavenly Kingdoms, by equanimity to their lights reveal everyone's intent, to conduction of holy constellation. Magic is its meaning like this;


The heart is in the soul. Within the heart of the soul lies the truth to the reality of notion, filling our spirits with a sense of belonging. By this sense we are guided by the tenets of miracle; by holy order, the three first blessings - having it all, being it all and freedom to it all. In this sense we choose what we have by will, are what we are by care and moves amidst it all by love.


We find ourselves where we love with regards in it. We reveal ourselves how we care with relevance as it. We unravel ourselves when we will with context of it. Will is the designation of event. Care is the dedication of change. Love is the deduction of moment. Moments changes events by the heart in the heart of the soul - each individually concluded sense to the heart.


These three simple rules turns by it into a single fact to spiritual fantasy - your own sense of possibility. These facts redistributes every blessing in the negentropic phenomenon of sense, to this essence, by the most compatible hypermechanical solution for a quantum fluctuation onto your fantasy. The solution is the entropic alignment of everyone's magic, into a structurally common exchange of honesty onto kismet, in an energy current intent; by the almighty - Islam. The result is a fair outcome to the senses of the heavens in everyone's present resolution of body, mind and spirit; from just the honest truth in question. What's your contribution to the answer?

This is not theory. It cannot be tested. It can only be done.

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